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mj_missi replied to topic Help! anyone felt like this??

Hey Leisha, I understand how your feeling, I hate the fact that all through your pregnancy the midwifes say you know your body best and when you think there is something wrong because you just don...

Monday 09 October 08:04am

mj_missi replied to topic where was ur pain

Hey Shelly, Well this is my 3rd pregnancy and with my son I had period like pains and thats about it, they got more intence by the end of the 9 hours but it was bearable, I also had a water birth ...

Saturday 07 October 08:41am

mj_missi replied to topic 18-20 week scan

Firstly Congratulations, I just went for my 18-20 week scan last weekend and Its the scan best to tell nearly everything but when it comes to the sex of the baby it needs to be in the right spot, ...

Saturday 07 October 08:26am

mj_missi replied to topic period pain :(

hey bells, Congratulations, I dont want to scare you or anything, but my first labour was mostly a period like pain that was just with contractions in between, but the most pain I had was pretty m...

Tuesday 03 October 09:15am

mj_missi replied to topic MOVEMENTS IN BUBS NO.#3

Hey Kylie, firstly Congraulations, I am pregnant with baby number 3 my son is nerly 4 and my daughter is nerly 2, I felt my son at 18 weeks and my daughter at 15 weeks, but this time around 14 wee...

Monday 02 October 12:15pm

mj_missi replied to topic another on the way due may

Hey Tegan, Congratulations, Its a wonderful age for your son Tyson to be involved in your pregnancy, my so was 1 when I fell pregnant with my daughter and what I did was let him look at the book jo...

Monday 02 October 12:06pm

mj_missi replied to topic INDUCED LABOR TOMORROW!!! actual due date 14th oct

Oh Kat hope everything is running smothly and both mummy and baby are doing well, Good luck with the labour and birth hope its a smooth ride, Its great that your doctor has indused you so you didn'...

Thursday 28 September 07:18pm

mj_missi replied to topic False Labour

Hey deejie, I never had this with my son but when having my daughter I had these contractions every 5 mins for 30 secs for a period of about 5 hours, I decided to go up to the hospital and get che...

Thursday 28 September 07:07pm

mj_missi replied to topic Pregnant with #3!

hey Alanna, Congratulations, I am now 18 weeks with number 3 I have a son who will be 4 on the 30th March and a daughter who will be 2 on the 10th of December, I am so excited as I just got marrie...

Wednesday 27 September 06:12pm

mj_missi replied to topic Breech baby

Hey Kel, Congratulations and good luck with your last few weeks of pregnancy, I was worried when at 36 weeks my daughter was still breach, at my 35 week appointmen I was told that if she hadn't tu...

Tuesday 26 September 08:18am

mj_missi replied to topic what week is an elective c-sec done?

When I was booking in as my daughter was breach until 36 weeks, I was due on the 1st January and they wanted me to book in on the 19th December. I would have been 38 weeks. I never had the C-sectio...

Friday 22 September 09:06am

mj_missi replied to topic bladder problems

I would say that your problem is problerly the baby sitting in the wrong spot but the pinkish spoting could be the plug starting to come away, If you think there may be a problem just see your doct...

Friday 22 September 08:45am

mj_missi replied to topic Anything i can do to help bubs engage

Hey Naomi, Congratulations on you up coming birth, Fristly there are 5 stages of engagement and sometimes you can be engaged for a few weeks and other times it can be as you go into labour. The be...

Thursday 21 September 09:37am

mj_missi replied to topic What do you crave during pregnancy?

Hey Bron, and ladies, During my first pregnancy I craved Ice i had to have it everyday cups after cups, There was also food I didn't like before I fell pregnant like Fish. During my second I had ...

Thursday 21 September 09:21am

mj_missi replied to topic To stay or not to stay.

I think early discharge for mothers who all ready have kids is great, I hate been in hospital, with my first born son I had to stay in hospital for the 3 days due to medical complacations, I felt v...

Thursday 21 September 09:16am

mj_missi replied to topic Artificial rupture of membranes

Hi Paula, I had dilated 6 cm in 3 hours but then it took 6 hours to dilate the last 4 cm my waters intack until 5 mins before birth. My second I acidently broke my waters at 2-3 am as I touched my...

Tuesday 19 September 02:03pm

mj_missi replied to topic Second birth different from the first

Congratulations Gina, I had the same thing happen to me, My first I was in labour for 9 hours and had a water birth, With my second I expected at least 6 hours and didnt want to go to hospital jus...

Tuesday 19 September 01:55pm

mj_missi replied to topic don't feel pregnant!

Hey, I just want to say what is the feeling of been pregnant? It is someting thats happening and everybody feels differantly throughout our pregnancys and so its not a fact of oh i feel pregnant b...

Tuesday 19 September 01:48pm

mj_missi replied to topic Is this true???

Hey I think this is true along with babys and young children, They can sence things that we cant.

Tuesday 19 September 01:40pm

mj_missi replied to topic anyone's third pregnancy? OR more??

Hey Tiff, Im Melissa also 17 weeks pregnat with baby number 3. This is my forth pregnancy but its my 3rd bubba. Hope everything is going wonderfully. I have a 4 year old son and a 2 year old daug...

Tuesday 19 September 01:38pm
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