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TaniaM started new topic What happened to Days of our Lives??

It was moved to 2pm recently because of The catch Up at 1pm but what has happened to it now?? Can anyone here fill me in pleeeeaaase! Thanks

Thursday 12 April 10:10am

TaniaM replied to topic DD escaping from 5point saftey harness??

I would also like some ideas as my dd has been doing this for a while now too..... i agree very time consuming and extremely annoying!

Friday 06 April 07:04pm

TaniaM replied to topic Baby with Downs Syndrome

Hi Michelle How did the docs know that your baby has the down syndrome? My boss has a daughter with down syndrome but she is 18 years old now. He has 3 kids and she leads as normal a life as possib...

Tuesday 27 March 06:17pm

TaniaM replied to topic 3 year old perfectionist

Hi there Actually i have a similar concern with my dd. Shes only 22 months but from since she was around 12 months i noticed that she would always have to puts her things in order, pack everything...

Tuesday 06 March 08:47pm

TaniaM started new topic How do i get her to brush her teeth??

Hi all Can someone give some advice please! my dd is 22 months old and i just cant get her to brush her teeth. She doenst get the whole brushing the teeth business and im so worried that her teeth...

Friday 02 March 07:10pm

TaniaM started new topic HIVES

Hi all For the first time today my dd has broken out in hives on her face. At first i didnt even know what they were as they just started appearing and spreading right in front of my eyes!Then the...

Friday 02 March 07:02pm

TaniaM started new topic Day sleep - When did your child stop?

Hi all Just wondering when is too early to stop the day sleep for a toddler. My dd is 22 months and has started to not show her tired signs before i put her down for her day sleep (usually 2 hours...

Thursday 01 March 08:02pm

TaniaM replied to topic glass shower screens anyone? I cant get mine clean!

use a cream cleanser with one of those sponges with the scourer on one side.......... i use it for a week on the dishes to soften it up a bit then take it to the shower then just rub rub with water...

Saturday 10 February 08:20pm

TaniaM replied to topic please pray for my baby

Cassie i am so sad to hear of your little boy being ill. I will say a prayer for Anthony tonight and i will light a candle for him when i am at the church on the weekend. Im sure he will be fine yo...

Wednesday 31 January 08:39pm

TaniaM replied to topic POSTNATAL DEPRESSION - what do you think??

young mum to be. It may be a question but you sound ignorant. Go on the net and look up "Post Natal Depression", it will tell you all about the 'illness'. It has nothing to do with being dissapoint...

Tuesday 30 January 08:53pm

TaniaM replied to topic COWS MILK

Hi Jen it is fine to give your child full cows milk from 12 months. It is not recommended before 12 months as the formula has got all those extra nutrients not found in cows milk which the child n...

Sunday 14 January 08:22pm

TaniaM replied to topic Omega 3

Hi is it in a tablet form? Also can't you get it from food instead? Thanks

Sunday 14 January 08:16pm

TaniaM started new topic Convertible feeding bra!

Hi Does anyone here know if this even exists?? Has anyone bought a convertible maternity bra for eg one that can be worn strapless halter neck criss cross back etc but still a maternity/feeding bra...

Monday 08 January 11:59am

TaniaM replied to topic Milk at 3 years old!!

Maria why do you want to stop this?? There is nothing unusual about what you have described in your post.............which part do you think you should stop.... he is only 3 years old!! He is obvio...

Friday 05 January 07:21pm

TaniaM replied to topic Need some food ideas!!!!

Sheree here are some ideas : spring rolls chicken nuggets fried rice crab rolls prawn cutlets vegie sticks and dips cheese puffs potato wedges various salads chicken wings hope this helps

Friday 05 January 10:57am

TaniaM started new topic Advice on Playgroup in Hurstville/Bexley area...

Hi does anyone know of a playgroup in or around these areas in Sydney. I am lookin to join my dd in one soon. Any recommendations? Thanks

Saturday 30 December 07:36pm

TaniaM replied to topic 3 1/2 year old driving me insane

Maybe he is scared of something and doesnt want to fall alseep........... i dunno just an idea maybe ask him?? sorry not much help my dd is only 19mths

Friday 22 December 06:20pm

TaniaM replied to topic How bigs your 19 month old?

Thats strange that your CHN said that as mine said about my dd (19 mths also) who is 12 kg and 90 cm tall that shes average for her age.........

Thursday 21 December 08:56pm

TaniaM started new topic creme brule

Hi all can anyone here please give me the secret to making the top of the brule nice and crisp as opposed to plain soggy. I know that you must use a proper blow torch to burn it but how does it th...

Thursday 21 December 08:41pm

TaniaM replied to topic Mozzie net

what about spraying him with a safe insect reppelant i use the Miessence one....... all the ingredients are natural.......... also i belive Avalon Organics makes a natural one too you can search th...

Tuesday 19 December 10:34am
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