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emsmummy replied to topic SOR young mums

Hi I suppose I'll address this to anyone reading this. I'm 23 & live in Thornlie. I'm mum to Emily (nearly 1...time flies!) I would love to chat & maybe even meet up for some exercise (would lov...

Tuesday 10 February 12:59pm

emsmummy replied to topic 3 probs!

1. I find that for redness, Heinz Sudocrem clears that up but best of all, we keep forgetting, the power of Vaseline...once you have the nappy rash under control use vaseline...that's the advice I...

Saturday 31 January 06:10pm

emsmummy started new topic Teeth...any more?

Hi all Just wondering how long it takes for more teeth to come up. Emily's first bottom 2 came in when she turned 7 months. Now at 11 months, there's still no sign of any more. I even took her ...

Saturday 31 January 05:48pm

emsmummy replied to topic Not Crawling

Hi Jodie, My Emily began to crawl the day she turned 9 months. 2 weeks prior to that she wasn't doing anything, not even rolling yet. I spent lots of time with her to get her to roll. She would...

Saturday 31 January 05:37pm

emsmummy replied to topic is my baby to big and heavy?

They say if your baby is thriving on breastmilk, there is no need to introduce solids until 6 months. I started feeding Emily at 4 months and I wished I had waited a little longer. Baby has to ho...

Saturday 31 January 05:22pm

emsmummy replied to topic Sick of the Breastfeeding Push

I hear you and do agree with the things you say. I had a good feeder from the beginning, it was just me who was lazy. I had everyone telling me how much easier it was to bottlefeed anyway, so I g...

Saturday 31 January 05:02pm
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