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ooandxx replied to topic what the hell is going on in Australia?????

I would just like to say that for any refugees, immigrants, new citizens etc. I hope you find that not everyone is as intolerant and insular as some of the posters. We are all Australians whether ...

Thursday 25 February 09:47am

ooandxx replied to topic third labours

My first was a long, slow and steady 20 hours. My second was a wham bam 2 massive contractions only once my waters broke (at hospital thank goodness) I was in pre labour for 3 hours and then abou...

Wednesday 17 February 07:12pm

ooandxx replied to topic small problem

I'm with the others and just say that Santa had to bring them early or that Santa asked you to buy them to help him out. My kids think I can actually ring Santa so they would believe if I said San...

Friday 25 December 08:14am

ooandxx replied to topic am i being selfish?

OK, I agree in that when I was 20 I probably wouldn't have requested everyone sing happy birthday to me at a 2 year old party but that's just me. She obviously wants to be the centre of attention ...

Saturday 07 November 12:31pm

ooandxx replied to topic am i being selfish?

I actually think that you are being a bit petty not letting your niece have a cake and for people to sing happy birthday. After all, it is her actual birthday and she's making the effort to attend...

Saturday 07 November 12:06pm

ooandxx replied to topic My DS4 wets the bed everynight, Its driving me crazy.....

My DS4 is exactly the same and every night wees in bed. He has never in his whole almost 4 1/2 years gone through a night dry and, like you, we have tried everything. The thing is he doesn't even...

Thursday 05 November 02:44pm

ooandxx replied to topic Circumcision

I'm not going to state my opinion for either argument because it's the classic neverending discussion. I just wanted to say that I agree with another poster about the cleaning. How clueless are t...

Wednesday 30 September 07:59am

ooandxx started new topic middle name help

With three weeks to go we are still debating names for if this baby is a girl. We've settled on either Abby or Sophie for the first name but are having trouble with choosing a middle name. Our su...

Saturday 21 March 10:51am

ooandxx replied to topic re: best and worst 3 things you brought or were given

I could probably think of a lot more but here are my 3 things. GOOD THINGS 1. The baby rocker/chair I bought to put the baby in during the day. Fantastic. 2. My baby sling. Had a Baby Bjorn fir...

Sunday 22 February 10:12am

ooandxx replied to topic 3 or more children

We have a Subaru Tribeca which will fit three car seats across. We love it but not sure how you'll go getting one second hand.

Wednesday 18 February 02:51pm

ooandxx replied to topic To snip or not to snip...

I'm not going to give an opinion either way as I think all that ground has been covered. I just want to say that I don't understand the people who seem to think it's an ordeal to keep an uncircumci...

Tuesday 16 December 06:52am

ooandxx replied to topic tailbone

Me too. I did something to it giving birth to my son and it was painful for months. I also got told that there's not much that can be done about it. I was so worried about it happening again with m...

Friday 31 October 06:33am

ooandxx replied to topic placenta close to cervix

I've had 2 pregnancies and both times I had a low lying placenta. It didn't cause any trouble in either pregnancy and had moved up by the time I had the later scan. I find out in a few weeks if I'l...

Tuesday 28 October 10:25am


Definitely for me the transition stage is the worst. With my first birth it seemed to go on forever (it was probably about an hour really) and that was when I was demanding the drugs. I agree with ...

Wednesday 15 October 07:03am

ooandxx replied to topic Caffeine During Pregnancy

I think they say that you should limit your caffeine, especially during the first trimester, as it can be linked to an increased risk of miscarriage. In saying that though I'm having about half a c...

Thursday 18 September 12:26pm

ooandxx replied to topic Unexpected pregnancy

Hi I just wanted to say that I really feel for you and I understand the need to try and hold onto the good times and keep everyone happy. You said that when things are going well you are a great co...

Sunday 14 September 01:02pm

ooandxx replied to topic Was just wondering if you....

I had it with my first two pregnancies but both times it was the day after I got a BFP on HPT. It was very light, browny sort of discharge and only lasted a day, day and a half max. I've just this ...

Friday 08 August 12:56pm

ooandxx replied to topic How does it work

Well I can answer my own question now. I'm a day overdue for AF so took another test and BFP! So it turns out you can have enough hormones to give you symptoms without enough registering in a test.

Tuesday 05 August 05:58am

ooandxx started new topic How does it work

Basically, my AF is due on Sunday so still a couple of days away. I've done a couple of tests which were BFN which means I should probably just wait till after Sunday and see what happens. My quest...

Saturday 02 August 06:33am

ooandxx replied to topic Bad stomach bug

I would get checked out. I had a terrible stomach bug when I was 30 weeks pregnant with my DD. I vomited all night long and when there was no sign of it stopping the next morning I went to the hosp...

Tuesday 08 July 08:39am
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