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Nancy22 replied to topic Young mum, New man and a 1st birthday! Help!!!!

Hi i just wanted to say i havebeenin your situation and i now have a new partner and a son who nearly 2. My sons biolgical father does not have anything to do with him either, my son now calls my p...

Friday 18 August 09:18am

Nancy22 replied to topic 16mth old going through the terrible 2's

hey my son is only 20 months old and is doing that stuff too most of the time i ignore him and let him go. the more attention i pay the more he does it, so just try ignoring her when she does it i ...

Wednesday 26 July 11:00am

Nancy22 replied to topic A new person in a relationship

Hi Mis Kel my name is Nancy, i was a single mum for a while and i met someone and my son absolutely loves him my son is 20months old and his name is Malakai. i started seein my partner when Malakai...

Wednesday 26 July 10:55am

Nancy22 replied to topic Stepdads

Hi kiwigirl, My name is Nancy, i have a 20 month old son son who has no contact with his real father either, i do have a b/f though and he treats my son like his own as we have been together since ...

Wednesday 26 July 10:46am

Nancy22 replied to topic Just Broken Up...

Hi my name is Nancy, i think that you will be fine i was a single mother for a while and it is hrd but i got through it, and now have met another manwho takes on the responsibility of my son and le...

Wednesday 26 July 10:30am

Nancy22 replied to topic PLEASE HELP

Hey ange, I have a similar problem other way round though. My son plays up when his dad is here and when he is not he is good most of the time. I think its just an attention thing they are just tes...

Tuesday 25 July 12:22pm

Nancy22 replied to topic Sleeping with Mum

Hi Sam, i have the same problem my son is 20 months old and gets up in the middle of the night to hop in with us. He was in a big bed from day 1 and still likes to sleep with us. He never slept in ...

Tuesday 25 July 12:18pm
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