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sarahbear started new topic boil it or not?

hello everyone this may seem like a silly question lol i want to start my son on bottled water so do i boil it like tap water or give it to him just the way it is?

Wednesday 26 October 05:46am

sarahbear replied to topic baby drinks bathwater

hi i stopped my little lol only because i need the washer

Saturday 15 October 09:44am

sarahbear started new topic mother in law !!!!

my mother in law seems to enjoy telling me right from wrong with bringing up my child. this really gets to me the way she does this. she came over on the weekend and tells me i spend to much time w...

Wednesday 24 August 05:57am

sarahbear replied to topic music on while sleeping?? good or bad??

hi ladies we also have music going for our little one and he seem to sleep better with it on too:) i havent heard that before about you shouldnt have music on at night

Wednesday 10 August 09:00am

sarahbear replied to topic milk rash

hello... my son get a little red around the neck and face after a bottle or some solids i went and seen abut it a few months ago and he dr told me to use BEPANTHEN which u can buy over the counter....

Sunday 07 August 06:19pm

sarahbear replied to topic sex doesnt feel good any more!

hi leia im new here and this is my 1st post:) my little boy is 7 months and with in the 7 months ive had sex a hole of 5 times.... i want it but when its time to i dont want it ??????? i hate it!!!...

Wednesday 27 July 05:50am
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