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Karen66 replied to topic 3 weeks to go!!!!!

I've been to all the theme parks, both Sea World and Dreamworld have rides for smaller bubs. Out of the two Dreamworld would be the best as there is a little zoo where you 8 month old can get up cl...

Monday 02 April 12:32pm

Karen66 replied to topic What solids did you start your baby off with?

I started my son off on farex as well, he ate it but wasn't too fussed. So I mixed pureed fruit with the farex and he loves it. ( The fruit made by Heinz in the bottles ie apple, pear, apple & bana...

Wednesday 28 March 05:00am

Karen66 replied to topic March 2007 - Recipe of the Month

My 15 year old daughter gave me this recipe she received from her boyfriends dad. She cooks is regularly for us, it is so quick and easy. YUMMY CRUSTLESS QUICHE 1 small zucchini grated (press liq...

Friday 23 March 07:47am

Karen66 started new topic Recipe Ideas

I've notice there are a lot of mums out there that are after different recipes for their bubs. I bought this book while I was pregnant from the school I worked at. I have not yet been able to use i...

Friday 23 March 07:27am

Karen66 replied to topic need ideas

Hi there, I've recently bought this great book called "365 Recipes for Babies, Toddlers & Children", I bought it through the school I worked at. It is written by Bridget Wardley and Judy Moore. I h...

Friday 23 March 07:12am

Karen66 replied to topic Big baby - sick of people's comments

Hi Scrumby, I agree with you, I am so sick of people telling me my little boy it fat. He is only 4 months old today and breast fed. He does have a good appetite but to me he is perfect. I would rat...

Thursday 22 March 08:11am

Karen66 replied to topic Bath before or after a feed?

I feed about 5.30ish, then bath, then bed without any problems

Thursday 22 February 01:53pm

Karen66 replied to topic sleeps better on stomach

My son was 3 months old yesterday, he has slept on his stomach from 1 week of age. He hated sleeping on his back even at the hospital. I do have him in a cot in my bedroom with me so I can keep an ...

Thursday 22 February 01:38pm

Karen66 started new topic parvovirus

Has anyone out there been exposed to parvovirus (not the one found in dogs) but the human strain. For the last few days I've been feeling very tired and my feet and hand joints have been really so...

Monday 30 October 03:43pm

Karen66 replied to topic need suggestions on making about $300 pw! PLEASE!!!!

Why not sell tupperware. I'm a single mum and for extra income I joined tupperware through a close friend of mine about 18 months ago. You can set your own time and days you work. It's an excellen...

Saturday 16 September 08:25am

Karen66 replied to topic Gymberoo

A few years ago my good friend ran gymberoo classes in north qld. I used to help her run these classes. I personally think they were great for the babies and toddlers. Not only that mums and dads g...

Saturday 16 September 08:04am

Karen66 replied to topic How did you react to the GTT?

I ended up with a migraine. Early in my pregnancy if I didn't eat as soon as I got up I'd get a headache. It wasn't very pleasant as I had to drive home a half hour away from my doctors surgery. I ...

Tuesday 01 August 01:20pm

Karen66 replied to topic how accurate are ultrasounds

I had a ultrasound at 20 weeks and was told I was having a little boy. We could see everything clearly or so we thought. My widwife also my friend told me not to rely on them being accurate because...

Tuesday 01 August 01:10pm

Karen66 replied to topic AGE GAPS, R THEY BIG DEAL?????????

The age gap between my son and my daughter is 19 months. They have grown up very close, they are now 16 and 15 and watch out for each other all the time. I must admit they do have their moments but...

Tuesday 01 August 12:57pm

Karen66 replied to topic Gestational Diabetes

Emrin, I also am expecting my 3rd child, I am 22 weeks now and have had Gestational Diabetes from about 8 weeks. It can be very worrying I know. I keep my diabetes under control by diet and I do a ...

Saturday 29 July 08:31am
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