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hol21 started new topic Help!!! serously smelly issue

My baby at the moment seems to be doing a couple of poos a day. Now when i say this i mean whoopas its like an explosion. Its not particlarly runny and she doesnt seem to be upset by it but garan...

Monday 07 August 01:39pm

hol21 replied to topic should i leave

hay mimmy i read your post and i could swear i was reading my own life!!!! i am so in an identical situation. my partner is also you as am i and i have had many fights with him about his prioritie...

Thursday 27 July 04:16am

hol21 started new topic dad doesn't seem interested

my baby's dad doesn't seem interested in her!!! me and him broke it off as he provided me with no support whatsoever. And being young he hasn't the capacity to think of anyone but himself!!!! He ...

Thursday 27 July 04:09am

hol21 replied to topic Bottle or solids first?

hay I do bottle then solids. My daughter doesnt drink a whole bottle in one go though so its half a bottle solids then a break before the rest of her bottle and bed!!!!! dont no that thats any hel...

Thursday 27 July 03:50am

hol21 replied to topic Blowing Raspberries..aagh!

hay jenny my daughter is nearly 7 months and awhile back she was doing that as well. It seemed to just be a phase she went through though as she doesnt do it anymore!!!! good luck i know it can ge...

Thursday 27 July 03:44am

hol21 replied to topic Bottle Refusal

My daughter was the same when i put her on the bottle and still now will sometimes put up a big fuss about taking it. I just kept going she would cry and cry but eventually she drank it when she g...

Tuesday 25 July 08:45am

hol21 replied to topic Wont take formula

When I put my daughter onto the bottle it took alot of perseverence and crying. You just have to keep doing it because they eventually will take it.

Tuesday 25 July 08:40am

hol21 started new topic Not Sleeping

My baby is 6 months old and not a good sleeper. I can be up as many as 6 or 7 times at night resettling her. I have tried leaving her to cry but she doesn't resettle herself just screams louder. ...

Tuesday 25 July 03:56am
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