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PH85FD replied to topic night owl

I wouldnt worry if I were you. He sounds like a happy contented baby. Babies have no idea about whether its day or night time. As he sleeps less and less during the day, he'll go to night time bed...

Friday 25 December 05:55pm

PH85FD replied to topic double L


Friday 25 December 05:47pm

PH85FD replied to topic Gunky eye

I suggest getting your dr to have a look at it. My DD had a blocked tear duct since birth which had to be operated on when she was about 12 months old. They say that sometimes it unblocks itself...

Saturday 02 May 09:51am

PH85FD replied to topic Giving baby Gaviscon for Reflux

When DD was a baby, we had to give her zantac for a few months, then moved to zantac. It was only when she was older that that dr suggested gaviscon. Maybe get a second opinion from another dr.

Saturday 02 May 09:47am

PH85FD replied to topic BITING

My 2yo DD went through the same thing at daycare for a while when she was about the same age as your DS. They would put her in the naughty corner, explain what she did wrong, then say sorry etc et...

Saturday 02 May 09:38am

PH85FD replied to topic What age did you put bub into "Big" bed?

I just put my 2yo into a big bed and it has been absolute hell ever since. She used to sleep through while in the cot, now wakes 4 or more times a night coming into our room or finding her asleep ...

Saturday 02 May 09:30am

PH85FD replied to topic My 18mth has a Big BELLY

I really dont think you have anything to worry about. My DD is exactly the same! She's always been a healthy chubby bubby. She turns 2 next week but looks like a 3yo. Everyone comes in a diff...

Saturday 04 April 02:02pm

PH85FD replied to topic Screaming on waking

My DD will wake screaming like that if she's woken too early (ie, something has woken her and she needs more sleep). And of course, teething could be the problem. But i've heard that they go thro...

Saturday 14 March 01:24pm

PH85FD replied to topic rash 14mth girl

Could be thrush or excema. Probably best to take her to the dr to get some good prescription ointment to clear it up fast. I find that the over-the-counter ones dont work as well.

Thursday 26 February 01:38pm

PH85FD replied to topic independent toddler

My 22mo DD is very much the same as your DD. She has always been very independent and doesnt like to sit still and cuddle much. I just think that she enjoys life alot and is too busy to sit still...

Saturday 21 February 12:58pm

PH85FD replied to topic Hernia Operation on my 2yr old

I'm not much help sorry but my DD has an umbilical hernia but the specialist said that it isnt too severe and doesnt cause her any pain so we dont have to get it looked at again until she is about ...

Thursday 19 February 01:37pm

PH85FD replied to topic First time leaving bubs

My DD is nearly 23mo and I have never left her overnight with anyone. She goes to day care 3 days a week so she's away from me for 8 hours for each of those days. And I've left her with DP for ab...

Saturday 14 February 02:31pm

PH85FD replied to topic Advice please - Son will use potty ONLY when not wearing undies, training pants or pull-ups

My DD does the same thing. So what we've been trying to do lately, is keep her undies on all the time and try not to let her run around with nothing on. (Though it is hard to get her to keep them...

Friday 13 February 09:21am

PH85FD replied to topic Moving from bottles to sippy cups at night

My DD moved from a bottle to a straw cup at 11mo. She wasnt interested in the sippy cups. Maybe give that a go.

Friday 13 February 09:17am

PH85FD replied to topic rash around mouth

My cousin's 2yo boy gets rashes like when he eats rice crackers. Maybe ask your dr to do some food allergy tests.

Thursday 12 February 02:35pm

PH85FD replied to topic My DD has a quivering chin, has so since birth. Has anyone's child had this or heard of it?

My DD's chin used to quiver after she woke up from a sleep. I think it stopped at around 10 months. I'm sure your DD is fine, but for peace of mind, query your dr about it.

Thursday 12 February 01:18pm

PH85FD replied to topic Nappy rash??? maybe TMI

Maybe take him to the dr. You might need to get a script for some stronger cream. Kenacomb works really well.

Saturday 07 February 09:17am

PH85FD replied to topic 21 month old scared of going to sleep in his room

My 21mo DD has been doing the same kinda thing lately. I have no idea why. She used to go to sleep easily but now wants me to sit on the floor next to her cot. She even tells me "sit here, sit h...

Saturday 24 January 09:15am

PH85FD replied to topic Thrush, 16 mth Boy

My DD had it at about 18 months old. We had to get a script from the Dr for some ointment called Kenacomb. Its expensive but really really good. It basically heals it up overnight.

Friday 23 January 02:27pm

PH85FD replied to topic Father not involved- taking his surname

Just yours. My SIL is in the same situation and her DD has her last night. It makes sense cause if the dad is never around, then why should the child have a surname of someone he/she doesnt know.

Saturday 17 January 11:20am
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