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mummum19 started new topic whats your 10 month old doing

its that month they are so close to being one learning, discovering and much more my 10 month old baby boy is taking two steps by himself then he falls on his bum,he reconizes ball and says ball he...

Friday 26 January 12:49pm

mummum19 started new topic i need help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for the last week food yes that is right food is making me feel really sick as soon as i eat something i feel dizzy, like vomting and a huge pain in my stomach there is also burning when i go to th...

Sunday 21 January 09:23pm

mummum19 replied to topic wedding reception help

hey i am having the same troubles i think i have just found the right place tho i am getting married in november this year it is really hard try to loook for community centres because most of them ...

Saturday 20 January 11:30am

mummum19 replied to topic hi everyone

hi mi Name is lois i have a 10 and a half month old son there was a mothers meet up at play and fun cafe at christies beach im not sure if it is stiil going but you could always put something up if...

Sunday 14 January 09:03am

mummum19 started new topic anyone in the south intrested!!!!!!!!!!

if anyone lives in the south they would know that big bike track it goes on forever it goes along old south road the back of junk food corner ect i was thinking some of us mums could meet up at tra...

Thursday 04 January 10:25am

mummum19 started new topic what time ?????

what time was your baby born my lil bub was born at 12 13 in the afternoon on the 1st of march i would like to see how many mums have the same time and that so just post up what time ur bubs was b...

Sunday 31 December 08:25pm

mummum19 replied to topic exercise classes for mum and bub

i have joined the body workshop a while ago they have a crech and look after babies 6 weeks - 12 years they r really good there my son gets soo excited wen we take him

Tuesday 12 December 12:27pm

mummum19 replied to topic The Magic Cave

we took aiden to the magic cave on a tuesday and it was really good the line up for the photoes didnt take that long about 5 mins and we paid about 56 dollars for a pack of photos and u didnt have...

Tuesday 12 December 12:16pm

mummum19 started new topic butterflys

how do u do those butterflys ive seen them in peoles names and that i think their cool can someone tell me how lol thx

Tuesday 28 November 08:53pm

mummum19 started new topic just curious?!

IM JUST CURIOUS TO KNOW WAT IS YOUR BUBBIES FAVOURITE TV SHOW aiden absolutly loves hi-5 he has evr since he was 5 mos old. as soon as he hears the music he jumps up and down wen it wasnt on tv i...

Tuesday 21 November 09:12pm

mummum19 replied to topic Hi

how about me im lois 19 engaged getting married next year yay!!!! lol i live in reynella adelaide i have an eight month old baby boy and i live with my fiance whos 22 my email is [email protected]

Friday 10 November 02:49pm

mummum19 started new topic need a little help please!!!!!!! :)

does anyone know if there is anything i could take to increase my energy and libido that was a little embarrrasing lol after having my bubba my libido has gone and i work in the morning and in the...

Monday 30 October 01:30pm

mummum19 started new topic ahhhhhhh please is there any bubs out there 01/03/06

[email protected]

Wednesday 25 October 11:54am

mummum19 started new topic march 1st 2006????????

any body from adelaide had a baby on the 1st just intrested love to chat <[email protected]>

Friday 20 October 05:36pm

mummum19 replied to topic Get Together.

i love that idea dee we all just need to get motivated and do it lol theres so many nice parks around we just need to organise one that everyone can get to ?huh? then everyone bring food ...

Monday 16 October 09:33am

mummum19 started new topic awakes in night and wants to play HELP ME

i have a 7 month old boy that is being very naughty he will go down at say 7:30 - 8:00 at night the wake up at 12:30-1:30 and wants to play if i ignore him he get frustrated and crys i really don...

Saturday 14 October 01:23pm

mummum19 replied to topic does anyone else miss being pregnant?

omg yes i found out i was pregnant wen i was 7 months long story:s anyway the next couple of months of my pregnany i enjoyed so much my df was giving me lost of attention eg: ill get u a drink i...

Wednesday 11 October 07:30am

mummum19 started new topic !!!!!!!!!!>>>>>>MARCH<<<<<<<!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok has anybody had a baby between the 1st of march and the 4th at flinders love to know because i saw so many babies near my room just thought it would b intresting and id love to hear your views o...

Wednesday 11 October 07:21am

mummum19 started new topic hey mums down south!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey gals and bubs,we havent met up in a while our bubs are getting older by the minute love to catch up with you guyz again. i was a bit shy last time sorry:( and the other time there was one i co...

Wednesday 11 October 07:07am

mummum19 started new topic ABC learning centres vs normal local child care centres

im hoping to send aiden to child care soon so i can study but im caght up between sending him to a normal child care centre just up the road from me (snow white) or an ABC learning centre. i went ...

Friday 06 October 05:36pm
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