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[email protected] replied to topic craigmore,blakeview,hillbank or other northern suburbs

Hi, im Bec i live very close to craigmore and actually work at craigmore. my msn is [email protected]

Sunday 17 December 05:18pm

[email protected] replied to topic hi any mums around northern subs of Adel

Hi Im Bec i also have two boys Riley is 6.5 months aswell and Cody is 3 years. I'm 21 and live in elizabeth. my msn is [email protected] bec

Thursday 23 November 06:03am

[email protected] replied to topic DAY-OUT

Hi there Karen, We will be there depending on dates of course but the Botanic gardens was great and was nice to meet you. bec

Wednesday 22 November 06:20pm

[email protected] replied to topic just curious?!

Hey Lois, as you know Riley loves Hi5, Wiggles etc. Cody absolutly loves Hooley Dooleys and Thomas the tank oh and Dora the explorer.

Wednesday 22 November 06:17pm

[email protected] replied to topic Second hand bassinet wanted

hi there r u still looking 4 a bassinett? i have a cane one complete with every thing my email is [email protected]

Saturday 28 October 05:25pm

[email protected] replied to topic rattiling chest

hi there just wondering if you found the problem with you babys rattling. my son seems to be the same and ive taken him to 2 different doctors who said i was just being a fussy mother so i took him...

Saturday 14 October 04:12am

[email protected] replied to topic Who had a baby on the 16th May 2006????

hi lisa, not sure if you have my addy for my photosite, so ill give it to you any way. maybe you can do one of these sights so we can see some photos of your ...

Saturday 30 September 07:31am

[email protected] replied to topic Not her Real Dad..

i have one thing to say what a lovey man youve got! it takes a real man to do something like that! maybe you should chat to him about what he feels comfortable being called. obviosly she sees him a...

Monday 18 September 05:13pm

[email protected] replied to topic daddy @ Home.. mummy @ work...

i totally know how you feel! i was working double shifts 7 days a week lunch 11-2:30 then 4- 7:30. when i finished work i picked him up from daycare then only had 45 mins with him before going back...

Monday 18 September 04:52pm

[email protected] replied to topic ive been told to chose

you mum will always be there but she needs to let you make your own mistakes then again are you getting back with him for the right reasons? your mum obviously care about you and your son and feels...

Monday 18 September 04:38pm

[email protected] replied to topic When partners are hurtful

i suppose it depends on what you mean by hurtful. from personal experience my other half was a completely self centred bastard, he was mentally abusive and controlling not to mention his likeness t...

Monday 18 September 04:29pm

[email protected] replied to topic may babys 2006

hey lisa my little man was born on the 11th of may 2006 my msn is [email protected] look 4ward 2 hearing from you bec

Saturday 16 September 02:16pm

[email protected] replied to topic Who had a baby on the 16th May 2006????

hi lisa im bec my little man riley was born on the 11th of may 2006 he was born at 11:07 pm he was 6lb 11oz

Saturday 16 September 02:09pm

[email protected] replied to topic MAY 2006 BABIES????

Hi there my little boy was born on the 11th of may 2006 if you would like a chat anytime my addy is [email protected] bec

Saturday 16 September 01:52pm

[email protected] replied to topic New here- Northen Suburbs

hi mel im bec. i hve 2 boys 3yrs and 4 months ive added you to my msn

Friday 08 September 11:08am

[email protected] replied to topic CALLING ALL ADELAIDE MUMMYKINS :)

hi skye, im bec, i'd love to come along. i look forward to meeting new people. my email is: [email protected] am i to bring anything? thanks, bec.

Thursday 07 September 04:06am

[email protected] replied to topic ~ young mums~

im 21 with 2 boys i live in eliz pk if u want a chat add me 2 your msn [email protected]

Friday 18 August 05:00pm

[email protected] replied to topic dad doesn't seem interested

he will be more interested when she is running around and able to play. while they are babies he probably doesnt know what to do or how to play with her give him a bit of time if he is still the sa...

Wednesday 16 August 05:12pm

[email protected] replied to topic Adelaide MSN Group~ Come and join us!

[email protected] thanks, bec

Monday 14 August 04:47am

[email protected] replied to topic hay anyone live near Elizabeth area?

hi, im bec. i live in elizabeth park. i have a 3mth old boy and a 3yr old boy. i also live with my partner but we dont know many people. it would be great to have a chat

Monday 14 August 04:41am
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