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DBF950 replied to topic does anyone know the going rate for an ironing lad

My ironing lady is $15 per hour. I give her the hangers (I like special wood ones). She picks it up and drops it off. I found her in the local schools newsletter (she is the crossing guard at my lo...

Sunday 09 November 05:38pm

DBF950 replied to topic How many can you have?

My OB has told me I can have 6 (I have already had 2)

Tuesday 21 October 12:49pm

DBF950 replied to topic does anyone give their DP an allowance

My DH must be spoilt - he gets $200 per week for his weekly train ticket ($25) and his lunches and coffees - where does it all go???

Tuesday 21 October 12:45pm

DBF950 replied to topic terrified of epidural!

I had an epidural with my first and was terrified to start with. I didnt actually feel a thing, they give you a needle to numb the area before you get the epidural so you dont feel a thing. I hel...

Wednesday 05 September 10:26am

DBF950 started new topic 9 months old night sleep

I have a 9 month old who for the past couple of days battles to go down for his night sleep. He is fine during the day - put him in the cot and goes straight to sleep. But at the night sleep (aft...

Friday 13 July 10:28am
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