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J.skinner replied to topic Tips on keeping a clean tidy house!

Hi, Its pretty much what everyone else has said but i think it's true, when bubs is sleeping potter around and do the quiet things like dusting,hanging out the washing etc and then when tot wakes u...

Sunday 23 October 11:32am

J.skinner started new topic Nappy rash worries!!

Hi Guys, thought i would start another topic on nappy rash! My little girl only ever gets nappy rash when she is teething she has had it for over a month now as she is getting her molars, she got h...

Saturday 22 October 05:52pm

J.skinner started new topic bad tempered 13mth old.

Hi all, i have just found out about parents exchange and was wondering if anyone was going through the same as i am at the moment. I have a 13 month old little girl, that has so much energy a lot o...

Tuesday 13 September 10:30am
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