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ang1 replied to topic Late walkers

They all get there in their own time. My DD didnt walk till 16 and a half months and my DS didnt walk till 19 months. Now you cant stop them

Wednesday 28 December 09:14am

ang1 replied to topic Not many words

My DS is 2 in about 2 weeks and he can only say Mumma, Dadda, Emma, Sissy, Nanna, Poppa and thats about it but he can certainly tell us and show us what he wants. They are just all so different!!

Wednesday 28 December 09:09am

ang1 replied to topic ALDI baby wipes

Yes, i have always used the aldi ones too and brought 4 packets on saturday with the new packaging. I took mine back today to get a refund. The smell is just horrible and they are not as good. Now ...

Thursday 21 October 08:09am

ang1 replied to topic 5days overdue any suggestions to help bring on bubs

Yes i cant wait to hold my little man when he comes. Im getting so impatient but he will come when hes ready i guess or when i get induced this thursday. Hopefully i will go into labour before that...

Monday 04 January 10:21am

ang1 replied to topic 5days overdue any suggestions to help bring on bubs

Im 5 days overdue and everyone says to have sex. I mean really who can possibly do that being that pregnant. My husband and i tryed on new years eve and honestly we were like 2 virgins on a first d...

Sunday 03 January 07:14pm

ang1 replied to topic Do you know how to pronounce...

I know 2 Xanthes and dont think its a hard name to say at all. You shouldnt have a problem!

Sunday 03 January 05:29pm

ang1 started new topic Fully engaged??? Who knows.

Is 1/5 fully engaged or is 5/5 fully engaged? Just tryed to google it and got so many different answers! It says 5/5 on my antenatal card....mmmm. Does anyone know the right answer??

Sunday 03 January 12:00pm

ang1 started new topic Hug a Bub sling. Has anyone used one and what did you think????

Just brought a Hug a Bub sling(Pocketless Design) and have the shits with it already. Takes so long to put on and its about 3 metres long? so it drags on the ground which would be a pain in the ars...

Monday 21 December 12:32pm

ang1 replied to topic GROUP B STREP

Got my swabs done today. A bit different than last time when the midwife did it. This time i had to do it myself. She gave me the swab (big cotton bud) and told me to insert it into my vagina 2cms ...

Friday 04 December 02:03pm

ang1 replied to topic GROUP B STREP

I have mine booked in for this thursday and im nervous about it too. When i got it done 3 years ago while pregnant with my dd the midwife did it and i remember it hurting a bit especially in the bu...

Monday 30 November 12:30pm

ang1 replied to topic How much does your Mum (or other close rellie) help?

My mother helps me alot. When i had my dd she was there all the time to help me out. My dd who is now almost 3 stays with Nanna quite alot and absolutely has a ball. She doesnt want to come home......

Sunday 22 November 07:38pm

ang1 started new topic Wrong gender!!!!

Just curious if anyone has had an experience with their scan which looks like your baby is a boy, but when it is born it turns out to be actually a girl and the sonographer got it wrong! Im hoping ...

Friday 13 November 12:32pm

ang1 started new topic Poo Subject....MMMM!!!

I know this is gross but instead of being constipated which i thought at almost 33 weeks pregnant was usually the norm my poos are like water. I told my midwife and she said if it doesnt change soo...

Saturday 07 November 04:48am

ang1 replied to topic anyone taken the swine flu vaccine while pregnant??

No way would i take it!!!

Friday 23 October 11:35am

ang1 replied to topic Toby/Tobey/Tobie for a girl???

Boy for sure!!!!

Wednesday 21 October 01:34pm

ang1 replied to topic Does any one live in Lismore nsw

Hi there, yes i have lived here for 33 years and will live here till i die...LOL

Friday 16 October 06:49pm

ang1 started new topic What side do you lay on during pregnancy?

Im 28 weeks pregnant today and i am having so much trouble sleeping. I guess i mainly sleep on my left side in bed which they say gives you better blood flow but sometimes wake up laying on my righ...

Wednesday 07 October 04:36pm

ang1 replied to topic Glucose Test

Went to the doctor today and she says you get it done at 28 weeks. Dont know when it would be too late.

Wednesday 09 September 11:52am

ang1 started new topic Mason or Jake!!!!

Who likes the name Mason?. The more i think about it the more i like it. My husband also likes the name Jake which i like to but not as much as Mason. His middle name will most likely be Gregory af...

Sunday 30 August 09:49am

ang1 started new topic What do you think of the name Archie.

Im thinking of boys names and Archie has come up. I wouldnt have a clue as to what middle name to put with it but just wanted to know if anyone thinks its to weird or does anyone else know any Arch...

Wednesday 05 August 02:58pm
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