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Mumbron started new topic Anyone fallen pregnant whilst breast feeding??

Hi i'm just wondering what the chances are of falling pregnant whilst breast feeding I have a 2 month old baby and me and my partner have unprotected $ex and i'm keen to know if its happened to y...

Saturday 31 March 02:17pm

Mumbron replied to topic No progress- everything is falling apart

Hi Angel, Its a shame that Michelle hasn't woken up to her mother manipulating her like this i think this is the time when she really needs to be by your side other wise she just might regrett that...

Friday 23 March 04:53pm

Mumbron started new topic So Sad, what should i do?

Hi All I'm a mum of two daughters a 5y/o and a 6y/o from a previous relationship and a brand new baby well he's three weeks old to my partner of a year its his first. My troubles are that my partn...

Tuesday 20 February 02:49pm

Mumbron started new topic Announcing the arrival of.................


Tuesday 06 February 02:29pm

Mumbron replied to topic OMG ive got the cleaning bug

Hi mummy6 Good luck my fingers are crossed for you maybe it is a sign....

Thursday 18 January 03:19pm

Mumbron replied to topic clary sage oil...

Thanks I just looked up the web site for future reference it was good also printed off the bit about the Clary sage oil.

Friday 08 December 04:08pm

Mumbron started new topic 31 weeks but measured 33....

Hi I had my appointment today and the midwife was measuring me up when she said that this was going to be a BIG BABY!! so now i'm worried because my last DD was nearly 8 pounds. So i was wonderin...

Wednesday 06 December 03:16pm

Mumbron started new topic WHEN SHOULD I PACK A HOSPITAL BAG?

Hello I must be losing the plot because i cant remember when i should pack a hospital bag i'm almost 31 weeks and i haven't even bought any thing to take with me to hospital, i'm having trouble tr...

Saturday 02 December 09:06am

Mumbron started new topic WAXING DOWN THERE!!

Hello I am wondering who else has had this done and when the pain goes away! My friend suggested the xx and now i need something to sooth it... TMI i know but this was the first time i've ever do...

Thursday 30 November 02:35pm

Mumbron started new topic Chicken Pox!!!

Hi I need some information on Chicken Pox as i'm 28 1/2 weeks pregnant and my second daughter has now got them really bad and i need to know what the best stuff is to use on the spots. Can some ...

Friday 17 November 08:15am

Mumbron replied to topic Migraines/Panadine Forte

Hi MissM I had a headache from saturday til tuesday just gone and my midwife recomennded me to have twoPanadine's not Panadine Forte. If this doesn't help call your local chemist and i'm sure they ...

Sunday 12 November 10:01am

Mumbron started new topic I'm pregnant and my dd has chicken pox!!

Hello, I'm in need of some advice at the moment i'm 26 weeks pregnant and my daughter has chicken pox!! i'm just wondering if anyone else has been through this and come out alright I have had them...

Thursday 02 November 08:13am

Mumbron started new topic Ring Test ??

Hi Girls, I know this subject has come up alot but i just want to know what your opinion is on it do you belive the results have they been correct for you?? I tried it before with my eldest daugh...

Sunday 29 October 08:10am

Mumbron replied to topic bounty bags!

Hi gnomes' I got mine when i went to my second midwife visit at the hospital but i had to ask for it as you normally get them at your first antenatal visit its like a gift from them with lots of i...

Tuesday 17 October 02:06pm

Mumbron started new topic 4D Ultrasound!!

hello everyone, Just wondering if anyone has had one of these done and what the quality of the dvd and pictures are like. As i'm having one next month and i'm curious. Thanks for your help.

Saturday 14 October 12:40pm

Mumbron started new topic BABY SHOWERS

hello every one, I'm really curious about baby showers i'm having baby number 4 but i have never had one or even been to a baby shower so I don't really know what goes on or what to do about host...

Tuesday 10 October 09:58am

Mumbron replied to topic Breech baby

hi there, I've heard that swimming is meant to help turn the baby if that's any help to you.

Friday 22 September 12:53pm

Mumbron started new topic What do you crave during pregnancy?

hi everyone I would like to know if anyone has any weird craving's that they want to share with everyone? Bron

Thursday 21 September 07:11am

Mumbron started new topic Any Adelaide mum's due in Feb 07

Hi everyone I'm a mum of two beautiful girl's living in Adelaide looking for other mum's due in Feb that want to have a chat. Look forward to hearing from any one!!

Friday 01 September 07:28am
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