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my2boyz replied to topic When's a good time for Baby No2

hi there i have two boys which are only twenty months apart, at times it can be hard although my second child is such a delight, and has made it so much easier for me, the one thing that i worried...

Tuesday 29 August 09:24am

my2boyz replied to topic Height and Weight of 2 1/2 year old

my son is 2yrs 3months and he was weighed the other day before an operation, so fully clothed with boots on he was 12.2kg. he was only born 4 1/2 pounds he now has a brother who is seven months tod...

Friday 25 August 07:03pm

my2boyz replied to topic waking up too much

hi there, i had the same problem with my son, not only was he waking up all night but the next day he was really naughty as he hadn't got a good night sleep. He use to sleep with me and it was the...

Friday 25 August 06:26pm

my2boyz started new topic fussy 2 year old

my 2 year old son is very fussy with eating and drinking. for instance today he only had weet bix for breakfast a bottle for lunch, and literally a few hot chips and ice cream for dinner, it wouldn...

Friday 25 August 05:58pm

my2boyz replied to topic about my son

you are the perfect example of someone that shouldn't have any children. how can you pay for the internet, or a computer. You know what, the best suggestion i have for you is to go to rehab and get...

Thursday 24 August 07:44pm

my2boyz started new topic sits on the potty and toilet but wont do anything

My 2 year old son will sit on a toilet or a potty, but wont actually do anything. He will put the training seat on the toilet himself and get up aswell, he even shuts the door, but nothing. he tell...

Thursday 24 August 06:58pm

my2boyz replied to topic New Baby On The Way

hi there, I had similar gap between my children, i have 2 boys that are only 20 months apart, like you i was unsure how my eldest child was going to adjust. of course you want to give your attentio...

Thursday 24 August 06:49pm
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