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Rach55 replied to topic Asthma

Hello, My little 2 1/2 yr old boy has asthma and he has to be on seretide which is a puffer and also on ventolin through a nebuliser. Also when then cold whether really sets in he sometimes gets ...

Saturday 22 July 07:18pm

Rach55 replied to topic Dad dose nothing

Hello my Husband is the same he does nothing for our 2 kids. our kids are aged 2 & 4 and my husband does nothing for them either and when he says to them to give him a kiss and a hug and they say n...

Wednesday 05 April 07:01am

Rach55 replied to topic pointed teeth

Dear Tan & Boys, My son has just turned 2 and he has exactly the same thing as your 2 yr old. They are on both sides of his mouth up the top and they look like vampire teeth? Well talk later Rach...

Saturday 11 March 08:37pm

Rach55 started new topic Discipline

Hi there is there anyone out there that has the problem with their husband saying that he will discipline the Kids his way and you do it your way? I would like to here from you. Rachael- mum to Ch...

Friday 10 March 08:09pm

Rach55 replied to topic How much do your 2 yr olds weigh

hi there i have a 20 mth old and he only weighs 9.5 kgs. Mum to chloe 3 1/2 and liam 20 mths

Monday 07 November 09:32pm

Rach55 replied to topic Am I pregnant

hi there i was just wondering how you can tell if your pregnant besides not having your period? Please let me know? Rachael

Tuesday 30 August 07:52pm

Rach55 replied to topic Announce your baby's birth here

Hi there i had a baby boy named Liam on the 21st February 2004. Weighing : 5lb 12oz Length : 50 cm Rachael. mum to Chloe 3 1/2 & Liam 1 1/2

Tuesday 30 August 07:42pm

Rach55 replied to topic do you prefer a caesar or natural?

hi there well unfortunatelly i had a caesar with both my children and as much as i would of liked to try for a natural birth i'm very disappointed that i will never get to try for one. Now if i hav...

Tuesday 30 August 07:29pm

Rach55 replied to topic Should bub be on cows milk?

hi there, My daughter is 3 1/2 yrs old and i put her onto cows milk doing 50/50. Half milk half water till she gradually got down to just milk but she was 12 mths old when she started on cows milk...

Tuesday 16 August 06:13pm

Rach55 replied to topic Am I Losing The Plot???

Hi Belinda, Has your daughter cut her top and bottom molers yet cause my 1 1/2 yr old son is cutting one of his eye teeth down the bottom and he has been grisley, waking up through the night and e...

Friday 12 August 06:08pm

Rach55 replied to topic Which formula do u use?

hi ashtonsmum, I have a 3 1/2 yr old daughter and a 1 1/2 yr old son, My son is on S26 toddler gold ( vanilla flavoured ) and he absoultley loves the taste and it is not a thick milk either. But w...

Wednesday 03 August 08:29am

Rach55 started new topic Problems with my 3 1/2 year old.

My daughter screams and yells at her mother and father and is screaming and yelling all the time at her 1 1/2 year old brother. Also i need help with getting her to eat and to get her off the bottl...

Sunday 03 July 06:48pm
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