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~AmAndWillsMummy~ started new topic Advice / reassurance needed so scared but excited at the same time

Good morning huggies land, I am an old member who has not been around for a very loooooooooooooong time but I could really do with some reassurance right now. Yesterday I was diagnosed with choles...

Saturday 16 February 09:32am

~AmAndWillsMummy~ replied to topic Due March 2013

Hi March mummies My name is Rena I am 30 from Victoria and I got a BFP yesterday, I will be due on the 4th of March. I have a 5 year old DD and an almost 4 year old DS. We were not planning on TTC...

Monday 02 July 07:06pm

~AmAndWillsMummy~ replied to topic I have to tell someone before I explode!!!

thankyou so much everyone I am so excited its a couple of months early than we planned but oh well it was meant to be just means I will be 5 months pregnant when we get married lol

Monday 02 July 09:33am

~AmAndWillsMummy~ started new topic I have to tell someone before I explode!!!

Hi everyone I am an old member and have not been on here in ages the new layout is a bit confusing lol Anyway I have a 5 year old girl and a 3 year old boy and I just found out yesterday we are e...

Monday 02 July 08:58am

~AmAndWillsMummy~ replied to topic Advise need

Thankyou for all your replies. My aunty had her daughter quite late in life, my cousin also has a younger sister who is autistic and has required extra attention from my aunty and uncle. I was 16...

Monday 19 March 11:19pm

~AmAndWillsMummy~ started new topic Advise need

Hi all I have not been on this site for ages but I am in need of some advise. I found out yesterday from my mum that my 12 year old cousin (will be 13 in July) got caught having sex at school I a...

Monday 19 March 08:57pm

~AmAndWillsMummy~ started new topic Just another vent

Sorry ladies DP is still at work doing overtime again and I need to have a sook!! I am currently on a 6 week placement block for uni and I am working 6 days a week atm and only getting paid for on...

Thursday 07 July 06:28am

~AmAndWillsMummy~ replied to topic 10month old wearing boots

Hi, is there anyone.else whose babies have been in boots and bar? My.son was going ok in them.. His had them on for 2 weeks but last 3 nights he has been waking every hour and just been out of con...

Saturday 28 May 08:59pm

~AmAndWillsMummy~ replied to topic for those of you who study nursing

WOW! I am 2nd year Nursing through Flinders Uni (SA) and am now thinking i should have gone through Charles Darwin - sounds like you have got a pretty good deal re:- open book exams etc however i...

Monday 16 May 08:16pm

~AmAndWillsMummy~ replied to topic for those of you who study nursing

Hey, I am in 3rd year of nursing as an external student. I study through Charles Darwin Uni and uniSA also offer the course externally. I am doing full time study and work 4 days a week and its wor...

Monday 16 May 07:13am

~AmAndWillsMummy~ replied to topic So bored...

I am trying to write a 3000 word mental health nursing care plan and its sucks, I really don't want to do it as I failed along with 49% of my class the first assignment for mental health very upse...

Saturday 14 May 08:08am

~AmAndWillsMummy~ started new topic implantation bleed

I have come off the pill about a month and a half ago in preparation of TTC early next year. AF started on Wednesday the 13th and finished on Saturday the 16th, DP and I had sex on the 17th then la...

Sunday 24 April 07:10pm

~AmAndWillsMummy~ replied to topic DOH. It's been locked.

[quote name='~one*s_enough~' date='23 April 2011 - 11:11 PM' timestamp='1303560676' post='2974745'] Hey, from the look of it, you need to have student access to view the article (same with the one ...

Sunday 24 April 08:43am

~AmAndWillsMummy~ replied to topic DOH. It's been locked.

Ok so I have not read the other responses yet. But I did some digging around in some online journals and found a study that was published in 2008 in the journal of paediatric & perinatal epidemiol...

Sunday 24 April 07:09am

~AmAndWillsMummy~ replied to topic Easter

mine are 4 and 2 and they are getting - an easter bunny - a humpty dumpty egg - DS has a gift pack with 4 eggs in it and jungle animals and a pack of match box cars - DD has a jewellery box thing ...

Monday 18 April 07:39am

~AmAndWillsMummy~ replied to topic sould we have the right?

I have not read any of the other posts yet but my thoughts are I am in two minds about this, my first thought is that these people have been punished by law and repaid there debit to society and on...

Thursday 07 April 02:15am

~AmAndWillsMummy~ replied to topic Prostate cancer - prognosis?

My FIL has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, it has also spread to his ribs and his spine. He's about to start treatment - tablets of female hormones because he's been told this type of cancer ...

Friday 01 April 02:57am

~AmAndWillsMummy~ replied to topic Leukemia

Has anyone had any experience with Leukemia? My beautiful 7 year old was diagnosed with Leukemia on Thursday and I am so worried. She is in hospital at the moment recieving chemo, her treatment wi...

Sunday 27 March 09:33am

~AmAndWillsMummy~ replied to topic iPad apps for kids

On mine I have tozzle which is a jigsaw puzzle game thomas which has puzzles, memory and mazes on it angelina ballerina which you dress up angelina and her friends dora which you have to slide d...

Sunday 13 March 07:18am

~AmAndWillsMummy~ replied to topic Photobooks - anyone used Creative memories or Momento?

I do both using creative memories, for the traditional I usually go to a monthly work shop run by my CM consultant, I am also going to a 3 day scrap booking retreat that I can't wait for and I have...

Friday 11 March 09:45am
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