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nk82 replied to topic glengarry private hospital obs

Hi Becstar I had dr tai at glengarry twice now and will definatley be going back to him as we want to have one more, he was great all times !! Very good ob!! Hope this helps.

Thursday 06 November 08:46pm

nk82 replied to topic ttc #3 (i have a 2.5 yr old and an 11 month old)

Hey There, i have a DD 2yrs and 4 months and a DS 10 months and we are TTC as of this month so all kids if we fall pregnant would be 18 months apart. Not too sure if people will think that we are b...

Thursday 17 April 02:04pm

nk82 started new topic Flying whilst pregnant???

Hi, we are thinking of TTC next month and have a holiday already booked so my question to anyone who may know is: are you ok to travel in a plane whilst being pregnant ?? Our hoildays not till aug...

Wednesday 02 April 01:26pm

nk82 started new topic Anyone TTC in August 08??

Hi There, We have decided to TTC#3 when we are on our holiday in QLD in August. Just wondering if anyone else is TTC in august and we can wish eachother luck.. I already have a DD and DS and am sti...

Thursday 06 March 02:52pm

nk82 replied to topic To Have a 3rd??

Mel, You got the right attitude girl!! How old are your 3 boys? Yes i think when you know your not finished then you just have to go for it.. thanks to all that have responded its great. i thin...

Friday 22 February 01:53pm

nk82 started new topic To Have a 3rd??

Hi I have a DD (26months) and a DS(8months) who are 18months apart and always have wanted 3. Iam at a crossroad where i really want another bub but, am umming and arring about it, I just dont feel...

Tuesday 19 February 03:19pm

nk82 replied to topic We're you told to wait before ttc after a m/c?

I had a m/c at 7 wks (blightened ovumn) and the doc gave me a d&c. I was told to wait a couple of cycles so you know how far along you are and for your body to get back to normal. I was eager to ...

Tuesday 19 February 02:04pm

nk82 replied to topic Help please - Not sure if I want #3 or just miss being pregnant!

Hi Cathy Totally understand where you are coming from... I have just had my second baby 5 months ago and already thinking of having another baby and being pregnant.. I have a daughter also who is...

Saturday 01 December 02:42pm

nk82 replied to topic CIRCUMCISION yes or no ?

Ive just had a boy and had him done and its great so much better than the sausage meat before. I couldnt think of pulling anything back in lateyears to come and we all know boys arnt that hygwenic...

Wednesday 29 August 12:20pm

nk82 replied to topic can i use this name

Hey We have a daughter called Indie which originally we liked indiana maybe that could be an alternative otherwise indiana is cool i think.. Who cares what others think anyway, we liked dakota if w...

Monday 09 April 11:35am

nk82 started new topic How long to wait after M/C

Hi Just wondering how long you should wait after MC. I have been told to wait two cycles to get your body back into the swing of things and I have also heard if Im ready then go for it... I MC 3 ...

Tuesday 17 October 07:16pm
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