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*Mandy* replied to topic Persistent Night Time Cough

Hi My daughters 2 and a bit and 15 months both have had terrible coughs for months also, I have been to the GP many times tried everything from asthma medicine's to not using spays taking carpet o...

Wednesday 25 July 03:21pm

*Mandy* replied to topic SLEEPOVERS???

My oldest has friends over for sleep overs, she 7, but she doesnt want to go for sleep overs yet!! I spose its what the child want and is ready for!

Saturday 14 July 07:39am

*Mandy* started new topic Im new

Ive never used "forums" before, but here I am!! Im fairly lost, but I finally worked out how to introduce myself!! Im Mandy and I have 3 girls, Ive been married for 8 years and I am a stay at home ...

Saturday 14 July 07:36am

*Mandy* replied to topic bunbury gyno

Hi Katies mum, I had Dr Wilson for my second Daughters birth at SJOG, He was marvelous, It was an emergency c-section, and he was fantastic. I seen him all through my pregnancy and he was just so...

Friday 13 July 08:28pm
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