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LOLSC19583 replied to topic turn car seat around

my baby is six months and 10kg but i will leave turning the seat as long as ican as long as the leg room and straps are okay you carnt really leave it too long!!! beckie

Monday 10 November 08:37am

LOLSC19583 replied to topic Anyone had more than one Vertical caesarean incision?

had my third 6m ago the best out of the three have a double scar as my firsts heart beat kept going and they just got her out.Dont worry youre be fine. My second took them five hours because on sca...

Thursday 06 November 06:53am

LOLSC19583 replied to topic Natural, Active Birth Plan - Advice pls

hi, Write your birth plan out just as you want things and see what happened, my doc said to me doesnt matter how they come out as long as the result is healthy mum and baby. Hope everything goes t...

Thursday 06 November 06:48am

LOLSC19583 replied to topic If your husband....

hi, Me and hubby work between us and share the kids the four days they are not in daycare. I love having them but it is much harder and demanding than my demading full time job!!!with no coffee br...

Thursday 06 November 06:39am

LOLSC19583 replied to topic How many can you have?

hi. have had three elective c-section in three and half years and my third was the best and the quickest it was great talk to your doc. beckie mum to emilie,nicole and ella -bel

Tuesday 04 November 08:46pm

LOLSC19583 replied to topic anyone told "girl" at 20 week scan??

yep that the clear sign for a girl got three, i love pink so glad i have all girls. beckie mum to emilie, nicole and ella-bel

Tuesday 04 November 08:36pm

LOLSC19583 replied to topic 3 bubs under 3 - any activity ideas?

Hi i have a 4 year old just 2 year old and six month old i play simon says, so they stay in the lounge while i feed ella i have them doing anything i can think of, hoping, skipping, jumping,sleepin...

Tuesday 04 November 08:15pm

LOLSC19583 replied to topic 14 months - not walking!!

hi. dont worry they all do stuff in their own time my first walked a nine m and my second walked and crawled in the same months about 15/16m and was two on saturday and is now runninmg and climbli...

Tuesday 04 November 08:08pm

LOLSC19583 replied to topic Considering a home birth.

hi, If very goes well go for it. i really wanted a home birth but somehow how ended up with three c-section.Having you mum would just be fab. beckie mum to emilie 4 nicole 2 and ella bel 6m good luck

Tuesday 04 November 08:02pm

LOLSC19583 replied to topic Late talker?

hi,my second little girl is two on saturday carnt really talk same few words doc has refered her to speech thearpy.I bought a usbourne book called first hundred words and its help abit it has lots ...

Friday 31 October 06:38am
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