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jmtrepacholi replied to topic rolling and restless...waking herself

I had this problem with my baby girl a few months ago and found that by putting a rolled up towel or blanket next to her, she could still roll a little bit, but not enough to get herself stuck. I ...

Saturday 24 February 09:27am

jmtrepacholi replied to topic Has anyone ditched the dummy cold turkey?

I ditched it cold turkey with my son (6 years ago) when he was 3 months old because the Maternal Health Care Nurse told me to as his sleep was being interrupted when he knocked it out. I came home...

Saturday 24 February 09:13am

jmtrepacholi started new topic Toilet trained, but not at home

My son is nearly 3 and is in daycare 5 days a week. He is fantastic when it comes to going to the toilet everywhere else, but at home. Last week we went camping for 4 days. Even though he was we...

Sunday 09 November 05:09pm
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