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poppie started new topic still bleeding?????????

hi its been 7 weeks and still bleeding quite heavy, i thought it would of slowed down by now.. how long is too long???????

Tuesday 06 February 11:14am

poppie replied to topic lochia problems

hi im a bit worried aswell, my first bubs i bleed for2-3 weeks , new bubs is 6 weeks and still bleeding. i had a infection a few weeks ago, and i think its coming back.. the doctor said to me pa...

Thursday 01 February 08:28am

poppie started new topic poppie has had bubsxoxox

hi yep finally he is out .... 4 days early all went well and very quick ..... no stiches with was wonderful he is 8 pounds... Just like to say thankyou to all the ladies here for advice and somewh...

Saturday 30 December 12:52pm

poppie replied to topic Pre-Labour Pains

with me braxton hicks are just lil cramping not to painful.. other pain im getting is strong peroid pain, espeacially if ive been lying down and get up quickly... but very women is different and ...

Tuesday 19 December 12:39pm

poppie started new topic rescue remedy... great stuff

hi ladies just thought id let u know about a bach flower essence that is the best thing has 5 flower essences in it to help you cope with stress, balance emotions, help cope threw tramat...

Saturday 16 December 09:12am

poppie started new topic hemmoroids and suppositries

hi ladies, i would be totally surprised if anyone hasnt had these lovely little grapes during pregnancy.... Is it safe to use the suppositries to get rid of them while preg.. has any one NOT had th...

Monday 11 December 08:34am

poppie replied to topic anyone else using the epi no for perineal stretch ?

i have no idea what a epi no is .........

Thursday 07 December 01:52pm

poppie started new topic is this IT contractions

hi ladies just went to shops and had the same pain as i did when i was induced with last bubs, it got worst the more i walked and lasted a while.. that was about 1hour and half ago what do u think...

Tuesday 05 December 12:57pm

poppie replied to topic New babies and cats

i'm a bit worried about our cat aswell, we got him when our daughter was 5 months, so they have grown together, he is really good with her, but a while back friends were visting with their 8 month ...

Tuesday 05 December 08:20am

poppie replied to topic Thank goodness we aren't animals!!

i feel like a elephant and it does feel like ive been preggo for 22 months.....hahaha

Tuesday 05 December 08:09am

poppie replied to topic Pins and needles in legs??

yep, i have and still have this but now its sooo much worst as i'm 38 weeks im getting calf cramps and my hipsand knees just ache all night , last night it felt like i had cramps inside my hips and...

Tuesday 05 December 08:07am

poppie started new topic yukky but think i had the SHOW??????

hi last bubs i was induced so i have no idea what the show looks like...... when going to loo this morning i found just a clear thing of goo!!!!! it was about a tablespoon but it wasnt solid .. i...

Monday 04 December 08:10am

poppie started new topic couldn' in a panic

Hi i have been wishing that any moment i'll feel a contraction or water breaking any sign a labour... But last night i went into a total panic, what if bubs is really big, what if i have to have...

Wednesday 29 November 10:25am

poppie started new topic no epidural V's epidural

Hi my first bubs was natural with no epidural, i got threw it but with all the screaming and pain my partner was terrifed, it was very impowering( or just supit. haha) to have no epi but this time...

Sunday 26 November 09:42am

poppie started new topic anyone have 4 weeks to go?

hi does anyone else have 4 weeks to go ?????? i feel like there is no possible way i can go another 4 weeks...i have been getting irregular cramps / braxton hicks.. i feel like this bubs can not ge...

Thursday 23 November 10:58am

poppie started new topic how early is too early

Hi just wondering how many ladies gave birth more than 4-5 weeks before due date and how was bubs ..... thanks

Tuesday 07 November 05:36pm

poppie started new topic christmas day baby any ideas for hosiptal?

HI there, My bubs is due christmas day, if timing is right i'll be in hosiptal christmas day... Has any one got any ideas how to make the day fun as i;ll have my 3 year old girl, partner and parent...

Friday 03 November 10:58am

poppie replied to topic why should i give him a second chance

dont listen to anyone but youself . sorry but he sounds like a guttless pig.. Ask your self this..... do you wont your child growing up seeing his/her mummy getting hit by there dad.. imagine the t...

Saturday 21 October 08:06am

poppie replied to topic He doesnt want to cut the cord........

yep, My partner didnt cut the with our first and im sure he wont this time either, he is ok with blood , but i now understand where he is coming from, he was so stressed out seeing me in pain and h...

Tuesday 10 October 07:03am

poppie started new topic low placenta

hi all, my dr has told me my plancenta is low and need another ultrasound at 36 weeks to see if has moved up. Just wondering if anyone has or had the same problem and if the plancenta moved natural...

Saturday 30 September 12:08pm
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