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leanne2 replied to topic Private & Obstetrician or Public Hospital?

Hi I went public with both of my children and it was absoutley wonderful. The midvives were so helpful and caring and there was always an ob gyn on hand if need be. It cost me zip nothing. I have a...

Thursday 28 September 11:07am

leanne2 started new topic Turning baby seats aound

Hi I was just wondering if anybody could tell me when I can turn our rear facing car seat to a front facing. I have lost the car seat manual and cant remember when I turned our sons seat around any...

Sunday 24 September 10:40am

leanne2 replied to topic big babies

My son and daughter were both 3 weeks early my son weighed 8lb 8oz and my daughter 8lb 5oz. The midwives said if I hadnt been induced they would of both been well and truly over 10lbs. by the time ...

Saturday 23 September 06:39pm

leanne2 replied to topic almost 8 months old & no teeth yet???

Dont worry about my son didnt get his fist tooth until he was 9 months old and my mum has told me numerous times I didnt get my first tooth until I was 15 months old she couldnt believe it I was wa...

Saturday 23 September 06:29pm

leanne2 replied to topic When was the last time your man changed a nappy?

My husband has changed three nappies in four and a half months never a stinky one

Saturday 23 September 10:17am

leanne2 replied to topic may babys

we had our second child on may 18th she was 3 weeks early and weighed 8lb 5oz our fist is nearly 3

Saturday 23 September 10:08am

leanne2 started new topic Any babies born May 06 in Perth

Hi my name is Leanne I had a beautiful baby girl Aimee Paige on the 18th May and I also have a son Jacob who will be 3 in November. I was hopping to hear from any other mums with kids around the sa...

Saturday 23 September 10:00am

leanne2 replied to topic Babies due date vs Babies actual birth date

Hi Justine My name is Leanne my son was due on the 19th November 2003 but was born on the 1st November and my daughter was due on the 7th June 2006 (my birthday) but was born on the 18t...

Saturday 23 September 09:50am

leanne2 replied to topic Who had a baby on the 16th May 2006????

Hi Lisa, My name is Leanne and I had a baby on the 18th May 2006 her name is Aimee Paige and she weighed 8lb 5oz 3 weeks early. I was induced for pre eclampsia I was in labour for just 2 h...

Saturday 23 September 09:34am

leanne2 started new topic Wont settle for anybody else

I have a four month old daughter and I have already come across a major hurdle she just wont settle for anybody else. My husband tries to give me a break at night time but as soon as she goes to hi...

Saturday 23 September 07:05am

leanne2 replied to topic Breast feeding - I didn't do it but regret it.

Dont feel bad about it. I have had two babies and have been unable to feed both. My first child wouldnt suck from word go none of the midwives at the hospital seemed to help they just kept saying y...

Saturday 23 September 06:52am

leanne2 started new topic Waking at night now

Hi I have a 4 month old daughter she had been sleeping through the night really well from 6 weeks old until about 2 weeks ago. Now she has decided to start waking up at about 2 or 3am and wants to ...

Thursday 21 September 09:43am
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