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nic21 replied to topic Won't poo on potty or toilet

i am having the same problem, my dd is 2and a half and is doing great with wees, she has done a poo once on our friends toilet, but now won't do it again, i have promised her a present if she does ...

Friday 06 November 01:45pm

nic21 replied to topic when did you get your date for your c-section

i am 21 weeks and have told the doctors at the hospital i want a c-section, and they told me i have to wait until i am 34 weeks, but i am hoping they will tell me now, as i need to organise care fo...

Saturday 14 February 01:08pm

nic21 replied to topic ABC childcare fee increase

do you know what, beacause it is ABC and eddie groves, everyone has ago at them, if it was any other centre or person out there, you wouldn't care, give the guy a break, and the ABC centes, i am si...

Thursday 26 June 11:18am

nic21 replied to topic ABC childcare fee increase

i agree with you jns, i have worked at ABC for 6 years, and can say i have never had one problem with them, and no, i don't think you should be blaming ABC for a child dignosed with autism, i love ...

Thursday 26 June 09:56am

nic21 replied to topic How did your toddler handle their first day of child care

when my DD started child care, she did cry, but a week before she started, i took her to the kindy, so she could get used to the carers, and their routine, also this was good for me, so then i coul...

Monday 23 June 10:26am

nic21 replied to topic Babysitting on the Gold Coast?

you could maybe ask at the day care your son goes to, i know at my daughters kindy, some of the carers do babysitting, give this a try and you might get someone good luck nicole

Monday 23 June 10:17am

nic21 replied to topic lilypie

thanks guys, got it to work nicole

Saturday 21 June 04:58am

nic21 replied to topic lilypie

thanks i will keep trying

Saturday 21 June 04:51am

nic21 started new topic lilypie

i am trying to change my lilypie, but having troubles getting it across, all i can get is the writing, not the picture, what am i doing wrong thanks nicole

Saturday 21 June 04:38am

nic21 started new topic moving to bargara

hi my DH and i are thinking of moving to bargara, we have a 14month old DD, and i was wondering if there are any playgorups in the area, as we will not know very many people,can you please let me k...

Saturday 21 June 04:21am

nic21 replied to topic Lack of Apetite

i think this is normal, my DD is 12 months and is cutting her top teeth as well, and she is at moment very fussy with her food, and sometimes her bottles, she is also waking up during night in pain...

Monday 21 April 04:10pm

nic21 replied to topic introducing cows milk

thank you for your advice, i think i will gradually give her cows milk fo her lunch bottle, and take it from there thanks again

Sunday 23 March 02:59pm

nic21 replied to topic Back Labour & stomach labour?

i experienced back labour as my dd decided to turn, and yes it is very painful and very hard, as i had a vacuum delevery, because she was getting destressed, and i was having troubles pushing her o...

Sunday 23 March 08:45am

nic21 started new topic introducing cows milk

my DD is one next month(how that has gone quick), and i want to slowly introduce cows milk to her, at moment she has it on her cereal and seems fine, when did other mums and dads introduce cows mil...

Sunday 23 March 08:32am

nic21 replied to topic wrapping

i stopped wrapping my DD when she was 3months, as she was getting out of her wrap, we placed her in a sleeping bag and she was good good luck

Tuesday 19 February 07:13pm

nic21 replied to topic 4 or 6 months or even later????

i started my DD when she was 5 1/2 months old, and she went well with them, my clinic nurse said the same, they want you now to wait until they are 6 months old, but if your baby needs them early, ...

Wednesday 13 February 07:00am

nic21 replied to topic Ebay Question

i would complain to ebay, and like someone else has mentioned, wait until he leaves feedback, then leave you leave your feedback

Saturday 09 February 01:48pm

nic21 replied to topic Still sore - Warning TMI

i suffered a 4th degree tear and had to have surgery t restitch me up, but now 9months on, yes it can still hurt after my DH and i have had intercourse, i have told my doctor this, and she said tha...

Saturday 26 January 07:56am

nic21 started new topic help please

yesterday i saw a post saying woolies was having a sale on boxed huggies nappies, can anyone tell me when that sale was going to begin, cannot find the post thanks nicole

Friday 25 January 01:38pm

nic21 replied to topic cleaning baby ears

i know it is annoying seeing the wax in my DD ears, because i always clean them, and more comes back, i was told the same about the aer buds, but i think i might try them to see if it makes it ny b...

Saturday 19 January 12:59pm
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