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JB85 replied to topic Sticking with a punishment - advice needed please

DD1 is almost 4, a few weeks ago she thought it would be a good idea to get up in the middle of the night to play. She threw a massive tanty when told to go back to bed. I told her if she didn'...

Tuesday 26 February 04:57pm

JB85 replied to topic initials

I did, no vowels as DH is DOB lol and he hates it I'm JLB DD1 ALB DD2 SGB

Thursday 10 January 06:22pm

JB85 replied to topic Washing

I only wash on the weekend, occasionally it creeps into my Monday if we've had a busy weekend. Usually about 5-6 loads

Thursday 10 January 06:20pm

JB85 replied to topic Advice on Toilet training, were do I go from here?

It took DD1 about 3 months to get the hang of knowing when she needed to go. I thought she was never going to get it, she was a bit older though about 2.5 years. I'd keep persisting, they do get it...

Thursday 10 January 06:17pm

JB85 replied to topic Vent - MANNERS... what happened to them!

I hate it when people don't use manners. When I'm at work if a fellow worker asks for something without saying please I make them say it before they get what they want ???? DD has to use please and...

Friday 21 December 12:41pm

JB85 replied to topic when can i catch a break (update)

I'm so sorry about your loss. How dare she tell people when you specifically asked her not to. She should respect your feelings and keep her mouth shut IMO I wouldn't tell her anything important/pr...

Sunday 16 December 04:49pm

JB85 replied to topic Is it true

I was induced with DD1 at 41 + 4 - No c-section, just a quick birth and 2nd degree tearing due to shoulder dystocia. However my labour with DD2 was just as quick, no induction needed. Goodluck wi...

Sunday 16 December 04:45pm

JB85 replied to topic Most horrific topic i have ever started

I've recently switched to Aldi's premium wipes - they feel the same as the Huggies ones and are much cheaper. Can't switch from huggies nappies though!

Sunday 16 December 04:40pm

JB85 replied to topic HELP PLEASE we need a replacement Pink Bunny Blanket (best and less brand)

I have one, not sure if its the same. Have you got a photo?

Thursday 13 December 05:22pm

JB85 replied to topic Baby left in the car

I know there are circumstances where as awful as it sounds, people do forget. There was a case in America a few years ago, where a mother whose husband always took their toddler to daycare, had the...

Thursday 13 December 02:11pm

JB85 replied to topic Spelling names correctly, important or no?

I've tried giving her photos with their names printed on the Every time she is given a card I underline their names and write them in capitals. If she does it again ill be including a note with an ...

Wednesday 12 December 07:32pm

JB85 replied to topic Spelling names correctly, important or no?

We tend to shorten DD1's name because MIL began calling her a different version of her name, so it sounded like the name of her car. I couldn't stand listening to it so it started getting shortened.

Wednesday 12 December 06:58pm

JB85 replied to topic Spelling names correctly, important or no?

That's what I would think too

Wednesday 12 December 06:36pm

JB85 replied to topic Teachers gift?

I saw on the today show the other day, Julie Goodwin had some cute ideas for gifts - Like hand painted terracotta pots with herbs in them, I thought that was a cute idea : )

Wednesday 12 December 06:30pm

JB85 started new topic Spelling names correctly, important or no?

Just wondering if it's just me who gets annoyed when people who should know better spell children's names incorrectly? Neither name is difficult or has any extra vowels etc. But every year MIL spel...

Wednesday 12 December 06:28pm

JB85 replied to topic Haha

what a cutie!

Wednesday 12 December 06:22pm

JB85 replied to topic Don't know what to do with my 3 month old...

I think giving babies some alone time while they are awake is one of the best things you can do for them : ) It helps teach them how to be on their own and how to play on their own too When my DD's...

Wednesday 12 December 06:20pm

JB85 replied to topic Real estate vent!

We had the Property manager come out, DD was sleeping so I told them they couldn't look in that room. I said if you want to look in her room, you will need to come at a time that suits us. I though...

Tuesday 11 December 02:51pm

JB85 replied to topic Anyone else have a Burmese cat?

Its the same with all oriental cats! I've got a siamese, sounds like shes being tortured when she miaows! I didn't realise how loud she was until I heard a normal cat miaow lol Desexing them doesn...

Monday 10 December 03:41pm

JB85 replied to topic DD1 major TT regression : (

Thanks for your input ladies : ) Glad to hear i'm not alone! I'm great thanks Athaye, I decided to take a break from the forum for a while : ) Hope your well!

Monday 10 December 03:33pm
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