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maverick replied to topic Wanting new friends

Hi Deb!, My name is Angie(ang)and I had PND 3x and also clinical depression on and off for about 10 years. I did'nt always recognise it and it's only recently I can predict when I'm about to go dow...

Sunday 29 October 10:34am

maverick replied to topic Shepparton Area

Hello, My name is Angie and I don't live in Shep anymore but I spent my teenage years there and I was just curious to see if any of my old school mates happen to still be around.I went to GVGS from...

Sunday 29 October 10:21am

maverick replied to topic Get Together.

Hi all, I'm really keen to join in,my attempts to organize something have failed dismally,so I give up,only joking! If we can settle on a day and time i'll be there with bells on,I'm happy to help...

Wednesday 18 October 07:44am

maverick started new topic Walk anyone?

Hi everyone, I want to say thank-you to those who have responded to my posts regarding meeting up.You all sound really nice and I would love to meet you all! I had an idea for another get together....

Tuesday 10 October 06:43am

maverick started new topic Does anyone live near me?

Howdy everyone, Just wondering if anyone lives near Angle Vale who would like to get together regularly for chat and coffee(or tea),chocolate and support? I've noticed alot of you live TTP way and ...

Friday 06 October 08:09am

maverick replied to topic Nth East Get Together Wed 4/10/06

Hi Dee, Just wondering if I could come too! I have a 18month old girl,and 5& 7 year old boys! I'm 32 years old but not many people actually think I'm that old!! not that there's anything wrong with...

Saturday 30 September 08:42am

maverick replied to topic Friendship!

Hi Dee, I just joined this site today and after reading your post,I'm hoping my experience here is as good as yours has been!.It's good to hear you sounding so happy!! Luv Ang xoxo

Saturday 30 September 08:31am

maverick started new topic I'm new!!

Hi guys(I mean girls!),I bought the family circle magazine yesterday and it had an article in it about two women who met on this website and they actually lived in the same town!! They are now real...

Saturday 30 September 08:10am
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