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dee72 started new topic rash on body after c-section

hi, my daughter is 3 weeks old and the last 2 weeks slowly been getting spots on my stomach, chest and back. its like an exczma type rash, it wasnt itchy at first but its starting to get itchy...

Monday 10 August 10:08am

dee72 started new topic I had a beautiful baby boy

Hi girls, Finally had my baby a little boy 6pd 4oz, we called him Logan Jay. I had a really bad go, I got brought on 9.30 last Wednesday morning went through all the labour only to find out I wasn'...

Saturday 16 December 06:37pm

dee72 replied to topic Colds / flu during pregnancy

Hi, Congrats on the pregnancy, I was the same with the flu, its pretty hard to shake when pregnant the only safe thing to take is normal panadol and get plenty of rest, sleep is the best remedy and...

Tuesday 05 December 08:56pm

dee72 replied to topic pains

Hi, Yes I am the same with the strong pains in my lower stomach. I'm due any day but these pains have been there for the last couple of weeks, the only way to describe them is that it feels like ...

Sunday 03 December 09:22pm

dee72 started new topic nearly 40 weeks baby still not engaged looks like ceaserean for me

I am almost 40 weeks and baby's head still not engaged, not happy, I'm slightly toxemic and have to go back to doc tomorrow to see if he wants to do ceasearean, pretty scary I've never had an op be...

Friday 01 December 03:46pm

dee72 started new topic 1 week to go and baby still hasn't turned, worried.

Hi all, I have 1 week to go and bubby still hasn't turned, its lying across me, the head won't engage, doc said my pelvis may be too small and I may need ceaser....not happy....bit scared actually....

Sunday 26 November 12:54pm

dee72 replied to topic 2 weeks to go

No I dont know what I'm having we wanted it to be a surprise since its our first

Tuesday 21 November 10:46am

dee72 started new topic 2 weeks to go

Hi, I have 2 weeks to go and cant wait for it all to be over anyone else feel the same

Tuesday 21 November 09:23am
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