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imtmn replied to topic may be paranoid but need ADVICE!! sensitive topic...

I am sorry you are so worried its a horrible feeling i knwo too well. The only way to really know is to have an ultrasound. I have had 5 mc and they have all been a little diff, some i have bled ...

Thursday 11 June 12:24pm

imtmn started new topic Seraphine Maternity jeans

Hi, Does anyone have any of this brand of maternity jeans? I basically would like to know what the measurements are when they are laid flat, of the thigh calf and ankle on about a pair of 8s........

Thursday 23 April 11:43am

imtmn replied to topic Highchairs......any recommendations!?

We also have the ikea ones and couldn't recommend them enough!!! when the girls sit at the table we just take the trays off and the chairs are the right height. we also travel with ours. you just t...

Sunday 05 April 06:03pm

imtmn replied to topic Recommendations for best playpen?

we had the jollykidz 6 sided one and it was fantastic. We also packed it up and took it to friends places soemtimes to keep them contained adn packed fairly flat and easy to put together. The girls...

Sunday 05 April 06:00pm

imtmn replied to topic IUD? Sorry dont know where else to post

I know a few mums who have had the marina IUD and all say its great and recommend it. They also didn't get their period while it was in ,must be put in by an OB/GYN. [Edited on 08/03/2009]

Monday 09 March 03:08pm

imtmn replied to topic re: best and worst 3 things you brought or were given

WORST 1. clothes - all babies grow at diff rates ours were still 000 @ nearly 6 mths also i preferred them in bondsuits as babies, warmer, easier and they were always covered in a blanket anyway wh...

Monday 23 February 01:45pm

imtmn replied to topic car seats

Yep got the perfect cheap solution this is what the multiple mummies do on another forum I am on. Use the plastic bag sealing clips you can get in supermarkets etc. They are a little like haircli...

Saturday 21 February 08:23pm

imtmn replied to topic Stretch Marks

LMAO!! on the subject of people lying/decieving on here... I was on a few months ago (august ish) as I had just had my 5th mc and was in contact with another lady in a similar situation who i have ...

Saturday 21 February 01:09pm

imtmn replied to topic Twin prams with Toddler seat

I test ran the ABC yest and found it to be similar in some ways to the MB but diff in others... hte MB is slightly easier to steer due to weight distribution i think and the toddler/newborn seat wo...

Thursday 12 February 08:19pm

imtmn replied to topic Hi,Not Sure If Anyone Remembers Me...

Congratulations on the safe arrival of your precious baby Ava, I am sorry for the loss of your gorgeous little Ruby, I know there is no way to ease the pain. Lilli, Ava and DH will help you find t...

Thursday 12 February 08:07pm

imtmn replied to topic anyone having twins

Hi, congrats to you all- great news My hcg was 39600 at 6 wks and 3 days with twins if thats of any use the normal variation at that time is about 1080-56,500 so although mine was high it was st...

Thursday 12 February 07:40pm

imtmn replied to topic Update on octuplets

I personally dont think this was a sensible move bu thats just me.. if you are a single mum and want to adopt here (1 child)you have to prove you are financially (amongst many other things) secure/...

Tuesday 10 February 12:03am

imtmn replied to topic Im curious!!! Who here has actually won...

gosh you would think with that many draws we could find at least 1 winner of anything even...hehehe

Wednesday 28 January 09:26pm

imtmn replied to topic Pregnant after having twins

i know its a delayed response..LOL but yr chance of having IDs again is 1 in 70,000. fraternals happen 1 in 70 births and you are pre disposed to frats if... you are of african descent, tall, obese...

Monday 26 January 10:03pm

imtmn replied to topic ECZEMA nightmare

We used grahams natural alternatives... both he and his son had it so bad they were bandaged from head to toe as he created a range of products creams haircare etc. not too exy either. s...

Monday 26 January 09:09pm

imtmn replied to topic Wind!

OMG i am hearing you all!!!! both my PIL used to crap on about wind all the time every time the girls madea noise.. i used to think no you idiots they're babies its what they do!!! and now its the...

Monday 26 January 08:53pm

imtmn replied to topic only 2 teeth

My two only cut their first tooth at 12mths (6 wks apart) and even now 1 only has 2 top and 2 bottom and the other is the same but has just cut 2 top molars as well

Monday 26 January 08:29pm

imtmn replied to topic late teether???

You could see the teeth under the gums of my two when they were 3 mths but we didn't see a single tooth from either till the 12mth mark!! even now 1 only has 2 top and 2 bottom and the other the sa...

Monday 26 January 08:23pm

imtmn replied to topic Brushing Teeth

Wow congratulations on all those teeth We do the girls teeth with a facewasher while they are still in the chair after eating and they ask for it and get upset if we forget or go to get them out b...

Monday 26 January 08:15pm

imtmn replied to topic HELP!!!! My 2 year old constantly says "no"

Sorry dont' really have any help but it sounds to me that he is a pretty typical 2 yr old from everything i have read, heard adn spoken with my friends who have them and of course my own.. 1 of th...

Monday 26 January 08:02pm
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