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Kiwi Gem

Kiwi Gem replied to topic veggies high in iron and protein.

For extra iron, you could freeze small portions of beef or other red meat and grate them from frozen into his dishes in the final cooking stages.

Friday 13 December 09:06pm
Kiwi Gem

Kiwi Gem replied to topic Wahhhh *poor me post*

Salt water gargles... Taste terrible but relieves a lot of discomfort and might help heal faster too.....

Monday 09 December 09:16pm
Kiwi Gem

Kiwi Gem started new topic Experiences with contraceptives other than the pill

I had tried many different pills with lots of issues, mainly involving break-thru bleeding. (I have endo and other complications). Eventually being put on one which was great..but fell pregnant whi...

Sunday 08 December 10:46pm
Kiwi Gem

Kiwi Gem replied to topic to have an epidural or to not?

My experience with an epidural wasn't a great one, luckily my labour suddenly progressed and it didn't last for long so didn't have much of an effect on me. I certainly didn't h...

Sunday 08 December 10:41pm
Kiwi Gem

Kiwi Gem replied to topic Finally a heartbeat...

I had a lot of bleeding early on in my current pregnancy, I had a subchorionic haematoma show up on one of my scans, pretty common early on but can be the cause of bleeding sometimes, they like th...

Wednesday 04 December 09:18pm
Kiwi Gem

Kiwi Gem replied to topic what age did you get your wisdom teeth?

Some people don't have or get wisdom teeth, others erupt normally and never have a problem and some others don't erupt but they still don't cause issues. Totally works on case by cas...

Wednesday 04 December 09:12pm
Kiwi Gem

Kiwi Gem replied to topic Best nappy rash cream

A scoop of baking soda in a warm bath then some cornflour after drying/moisturising etc ... Cornflour is amazing! Can see the difference very quickly!

Wednesday 04 December 09:08pm
Kiwi Gem

Kiwi Gem replied to topic my child loves scared tv shows should 2 year old be watch scare tv shows

Definitely wouldn't happen in our house, my 6 year old wouldn't watch those. They don't understand them, the images can be confused to easily and under 5 years old, any screens aren&...

Tuesday 03 December 10:25pm
Kiwi Gem

Kiwi Gem started new topic What do you do to prepare?

I was just curious to hear about what others did or will do to prepare for labour? Do you drink certain teas? Take supplements/herbs? Perineum massage? Colostrum harvesting? Etc etc

Monday 02 December 09:37pm
Kiwi Gem

Kiwi Gem replied to topic Help with dry skin

We had our little girl on pro-biotic and a fish oil type supplement...they really helped. We also stopped all creams & body washes for a while then slowly introduced aqueous cream as a body was...

Thursday 28 November 09:21pm
Kiwi Gem

Kiwi Gem replied to topic Hip brace/harness - Hip Dysplasia

I feel for you, it's hard to watch. My niece had it while in the care of my parents, she was about 5 months and had it on for about 8 weeks, same-23 hours a day. Please be assured the time wil...

Thursday 28 November 08:02pm
Kiwi Gem

Kiwi Gem replied to topic Anyone familiar with sty's?

My cousin used to do the gold jewellery thing... It worked too... So bizarre to watch!

Tuesday 26 November 09:27pm
Kiwi Gem

Kiwi Gem replied to topic Food for child?

Have a little google of baby led weaning- even if you don't fully get into it, it provides some great ideas about some 'first foods' for under 1's. There really is a lot that ca...

Tuesday 26 November 09:23pm
Kiwi Gem

Kiwi Gem replied to topic UPDATE> adenoids and tonsils removal, grommets too

My son had his adenoids and tonsils out in May. He was a bit sore when he woke from the anaesthetic & was given pain relief. He then proceeded to eat ice cream, jelly, an iceblock, a sandwich a...

Tuesday 26 November 09:18pm
Kiwi Gem

Kiwi Gem replied to topic Sore nipples, dry and peeling and scabby

If it's not thrush. Try Lansinoh if you haven't already done so

Monday 18 November 04:47pm
Kiwi Gem

Kiwi Gem replied to topic Hospital bag

The larger tube of Lansinoh is about $16-$18 in Australia and between $25-$30 in NZ... It can be cheaper online from some of the pharmacy websites in NZ. Soooo worth it though. You can use it for h...

Sunday 17 November 08:34pm
Kiwi Gem

Kiwi Gem replied to topic Different morning sickness for second pregnancy

My friend was hospitalised on many occasions for MS with her first, she had a little girl. Her second pregnancy was an absolute breeze, she carried differently, felt great, cruised through

Sunday 17 November 08:26pm
Kiwi Gem

Kiwi Gem replied to topic What does implantation bleeding look like?

I could be wrong but Isn't implantation bleeding just like light spotting similar to a light period? But lasting much less time. Certainly doesn't happen to everyone either.

Thursday 14 November 09:11pm
Kiwi Gem

Kiwi Gem replied to topic Constipation during pregnancy & Tips - Plum Juice???

Prunes, prune juice and the plum juice are great, but you'd want to like the taste to begin with! The absolute best thing I found was kiwi crush... Normally near the ice creams/ berries in the...

Thursday 14 November 09:06pm
Kiwi Gem

Kiwi Gem replied to topic Finger food question

I agree with little miss's ... Look into baby lead weaning. Some of the ideas and tips surrounding bubs food are fabulous and great at putting your mind at ease a bit about what you can actual...

Tuesday 12 November 08:47pm
Kiwi Gem
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