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possums replied to topic to the old members, who remember Lachlans*Mum

I had her babies in mind when I wrote this on my FB last night ?"The angels are always near to those who are grieving, to whisper to them that their loved ones are safe in the hand of God." -Eilee...

Sunday 28 August 06:46pm

possums replied to topic Moving

If you have had a job offer then the company would sponser your family to live and work there. How long would you be going for? The kids and I have entered Canada as visitors which allowed us 6 m...

Tuesday 14 September 12:03am

possums replied to topic Moving

Hi there, we've moved over there 3 times and Canada is our 2nd home. We've also shipped goods to and from Aus and Canada and have gone through the immigration systems. If you need any info just a...

Monday 13 September 04:44pm

possums replied to topic Have things changed?

I wish we could mop the floors of our playgroup, our feet are so dirty afterwards! lol Where I take the kids we don't have to do any housekeeping but the mums usually help clean up the craft and ...

Friday 06 August 07:30am

possums replied to topic WOULD YOU PUT THIS ON YOUR DAUGHTER???

Can't see it. Ahh I just read Justperfect's post.

Friday 06 August 06:59am

possums replied to topic 2yrs 7mths

I have curly hair that falls into ringlets and if I get the ringlets cut they come back on the shorter hair, just because they are cut they're not gone for good! lol The bottom of the hair will cu...

Thursday 05 August 08:15pm

possums replied to topic Private Vs Public Schools

My sister works in an all girls grammar school and is paid more than she was when she was in private Anglican and public schools. She was head hunted by the grammar school so I guess some schools ...

Thursday 05 August 06:59am

possums replied to topic Pelvic Floor Muscles

Just a little FYI, the midwives in our antenatal classes told us not to stop and start during a wee as it can cause a UTI. I don't know if it has happened to anyone but it has scared me off doing...

Thursday 05 August 04:32am

possums replied to topic cat scratching couch

I've just put some foil on our couch, cats hate foil! I tried everything else and this seems to be stopping him. I just wrapped a bit around his favourite spot at night and when we go out.

Thursday 05 August 03:19am

possums replied to topic Pelvic Floor Muscles

Almost a minute. Mum has 7 kids and she's drilled it into us girls to do our exercises because she has no problems and did hers! lol I do them when washing up and hanging the washing out. I som...

Thursday 05 August 03:16am

possums replied to topic Does anyone want to share their meal plan for the week or fortnight?

I don't really follow a meal plan but I usually make a different meat meal each night or vegetarian eg: -Chicken schnitzel, mashed potato, veges and gravy -Beef stir fry with udon noodles -vegetari...

Wednesday 04 August 06:17am

possums replied to topic Can I have a tiny brag please!

Gorgeous stuff, my relos from Canada want to buy some dresses, I told them there's a bit of a wait though. You'll be world famous soon.

Monday 02 August 10:58pm

possums started new topic leptin green coffee

I have heard that this is good for supressing hunger. I just saw it on Catch of the Day so I've bought some, has anyone tried it? I hope it works as well as all the news is saying! It's only $9....

Saturday 31 July 06:02am

possums replied to topic Emily train for the Thomas track master train set

I had to google her to see what she looked like! I haven't seen her around either, we have a couple of girl trains but she's not one of them. If I see one I'll let you know!

Friday 30 July 10:29pm

possums replied to topic What highchair would you recommend?

Choice magazine rated the white plastic Ikea high chair as the best on the market. But it really depends on what you want, we went with a padded seat that was adjustable with their age and growth....

Friday 30 July 10:26pm

possums replied to topic Your fave vegetarian recipes...

vegetarian quiche is a favourite in our house: olive oil spray 1 sheet puff pastry 3 eggs 1 cup carnation light and creamy evaporated milk s&p 1/2 cup chopped tomato 1/4 cup chopped onion 1/2 cup b...

Friday 30 July 10:23pm

possums replied to topic Need a Salad Recipe Please

Pasta spirals roasted pumpkin pieces cooked bacon bits toasted pine nuts and sometimes I throw a couple of handfuls of baby spinach leaves in Oh yummo, I'm going to try this on the weekend, I...

Friday 30 July 05:48pm

possums replied to topic Opinions needed

My vote is for Royal blue. I bought one in cornflour blue and I wish I got it a little darker.

Thursday 29 July 05:05pm

possums replied to topic Check out what I made!

That is awesome!

Thursday 29 July 05:03pm

possums replied to topic Does anyone else find Jimmy Giggle strangley mezmerizing....?

Am I the only one who has no idea who he is??????

Thursday 29 July 05:02pm
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