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Tam* replied to topic weight and lenght of 8 month

Hi, My little man who has just gone 8 months weighs in at 7.9kg and 68cm tall. Considering that he was 10lb 3 at birth, he has gone from being over the 100% on the growth charts down to 25 - 50%!!...

Sunday 20 May 03:09pm

Tam* replied to topic how many milk feeds for a 6mth old

Wow how similar your story sounds too mine. My little man just gone 6 months and I don't know what to do!!!! Sorry, I am not any help to you but I am really looking forward to hearing some advice ...

Thursday 22 March 12:28pm

Tam* replied to topic Teaching to settle..advice please :)

Hi, I don't really have any advice for you, what you are doing at the moment by patting him on the back for a minute till he is asleep is good. If he is getting really upset I wouldn't let him cr...

Thursday 18 January 08:41am

Tam* replied to topic Help... all of a sudden not settling

Hi, We have been having a few settling problems at my house too!!! My little man, nearly 4 mths old (who also was very good at self settling and putting him self to sleep) went through a couple of...

Sunday 14 January 07:03pm

Tam* replied to topic What Does Your 4 Month Old Weigh??

Hi, My little man is 4mths on the 15th Jan, I weighed him today and he is 6.8kg, 63cm long, not sure on head circ. His weight gain has slowed right down, he was 4.6kg when born and was gaining ov...

Friday 12 January 05:18pm

Tam* started new topic Catnaping

Hi, I need some help!!! My little man (nearly 4mths) who used to have 2-3 hour day sleeps (morning, midday and afternoon sleep) has now cut these sleeps back to less than an hour (therefore classe...

Monday 08 January 09:24am

Tam* replied to topic Freezing breastmilk

Hi, I have heard there are storage bags available that you can buy to specifially store your breast milk. I believe these are available at most leading supermarkets, this is what I have heard from...

Thursday 04 January 02:03pm

Tam* replied to topic Best thing/memory of your labour

Hi, Neither of my labours were easy (but then again I am not a pain person!!) but the best bit of the whole labour is when your new bubs is finally out and they place them on you straight away. It...

Tuesday 02 January 03:03pm

Tam* replied to topic Not getting along with the outlaws

You wouldn't believe how familiar your story is to me!!!!! We don't get along with my hubby's parents either and basically it is because his Dad has never respected any decisions we make and never ...

Thursday 21 December 11:44am

Tam* replied to topic Stopping breastfeeding at 4 weeks

Hi, I have experienced both bottle feeding and breastfeeding. With my first daughter I also suffered very sore nipples and gave up breast feeding her after one week. I always felt a bit guilty abou...

Tuesday 12 December 12:47pm

Tam* started new topic Night Sleeping

Hi, My little man is 11 weeks old and he is just perfect but there is one little problem. Night sleeping, he will go down any time between 8 - 10pm and sleep through to 2am. I don't mind getting up...

Thursday 30 November 01:58pm

Tam* replied to topic How long did ur 1 month old sleep at nights

Hi, My son is nearly 6 weeks old and for about the last 2-3 weeks he has been sleeping very similar pattern to your son. I feed him around 8pm then put him down and he will wake around 12-1pm (if w...

Thursday 26 October 10:36am

Tam* replied to topic 1 month old sleeping problem

I am having same problems with my 5wk old little man. For the last week he has not been able to settle himself to sleep and he can only settle with the dummy which is a pain. During the day I have...

Tuesday 24 October 11:30am

Tam* replied to topic Is my baby big?

I don't think that is big at all, and from all the replies you can easily see babies come in all shapes and sizes. At 5 weeks old my little man weighs in at 5kg and 56cm and he doesn't look over bi...

Tuesday 24 October 11:20am

Tam* replied to topic frustrated toddler,frustrating parents

I totally feel for you as I know exactly what you are going through. My daughter is 2 yrs 5 mths, prior to the birth of our son in Sep, we had been toilet training her for about 2 months, though sh...

Monday 23 October 11:09am
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