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southb replied to topic 18months and still not sleeping through!

My son is now 2 1/2 and started sleeping through at 2 years. Before that he was up at least once a night every night. We tried evrything from CC to those sleep school thingys. In the end i just wai...

Thursday 18 December 01:30pm

southb replied to topic Dribbling

My son who is now 2 1/2 has always dribbled too and i have always thought this was normal. He dribbles so much as well that his tops are always soaked. But he's healthy and speaks well so i don't s...

Thursday 18 December 01:22pm

southb replied to topic chubby 12mth old bubs. Do you have one?

Hi, My fatty boombah had his 'weigh in' last week and is 13 kgs and 82cm tall. As soon as he walked in the nurse said 'oh wow he's fat' and then she started lecturing me about how much im feeding h...

Wednesday 27 June 01:00pm

southb replied to topic An obstacle to overcome?

Hi, My son does the same thing so i ended up getting one of those bath chairs with the suction cups but he's soooo strong and manages to still get up with his butt still in the chair!!! I just do ...

Wednesday 20 June 10:22am

southb replied to topic weight at 6 months???

Hi, My son was a fatty boombah and weighed 10.5kgs at 6 months. He's almost 1 now and weighs 14kgs!! Thank God he started walking recently now i don't have to carry him all the time!

Wednesday 20 June 10:16am

southb started new topic Family daycare?

Hi all, I've enrolled my son into Childcare in dec - he'll be 1 1/2yrs. Recently one of my friends told me to take him to family daycare where the carer only has 4 kids to look after and apparentl...

Wednesday 20 June 09:31am

southb replied to topic cross trainer

Hi again, I used lights weights for just a few months as I found the cross trainers bars were a work out enough for the upper body. Its like a total body workout. As you progress through your preg...

Tuesday 19 June 06:26am

southb replied to topic boys names needed.

Hi, I like your husbands suggestion of Fraser. Its not used often...thats what i like about it i suppose! What do you think of the name Sean? Names are sooooo hard to decide on. I found my sons w...

Monday 18 June 05:20pm

southb replied to topic cross trainer

Hi, I used my cross trainer from day 1 up until 36 weeks into my pregnancy. I used it at least 3 days per week at a moderate level for 30 mins and would stop if i felt any pain at all. Which rarely...

Monday 18 June 04:55pm

southb replied to topic baby sleep schools in melbourne???

Hi, i took my son to a sleep clinic in melton. It is run bu the council and was completely covered by Medicare. their contact no is 5367 9615. There is also Tweddle in Footscray that i was recomme...

Thursday 14 June 05:12pm

southb replied to topic He sleeps in our bed ... son sleeps with me too!!!!! I've actually migrated to the back room so both my son and I can sleep comfortably without hubby!!! At least he doesn't snore (yet!)

Thursday 07 June 10:15am

southb replied to topic an hour or more to get to sleep!

Hey Nic, I thought i was the only one in the boat til i came across ur post. Sean has never been a good sleeper too and he has 2 naps during the day. I waste upto an hour each time trying to put hi...

Thursday 07 June 10:12am

southb replied to topic The Sleep Sense Program

Hi Kim, I saw a copy of the book advertised on ebay recently. i've just had a look for you and its not there anymore. The lady who advertised claimed it worked on day 10 with lots of crying and sh...

Tuesday 05 June 10:23am

southb started new topic This may sound stupid....

. [Edited on 25/05/2007]

Saturday 26 May 06:13pm

southb replied to topic Does anyone elses baby cry every single time he/she wakes up?

Yes!!!! my son does the same thing. I just laugh most of the time cause i know its just he;s way of saying 'mum i'm awake get me outta this damn cot!' or at other times if its really whingy it beca...

Tuesday 22 May 11:46am

southb replied to topic catnapper

Hi, My son when throught the exact same thing and i had him on the same routine. It's a tough period to go through this '45 min' crap. I would try and re-settle for about 20mins and if that didn't ...

Tuesday 22 May 11:42am

southb replied to topic June 2006 babies

Hi, My little fat boy Sean was born on the 20th June 2006 after 21 hours!!! Recently we've had to rearrange our entire house because the frames and tables, chairs lamps etc are so much more excitin...

Wednesday 18 April 01:22pm

southb replied to topic Resettling after a catnap

Hi, I went through the exact same thing at the same age with my little one. Most days i ended up crying and screaming when re-settling wasn't working. I bought evry dvd, book and even went to sle...

Wednesday 18 April 08:28am

southb replied to topic Has anyone been to a sleep clinic?

Hi. My little boy is 6 months today. At about 3 months he was waking about 6 to 10 times a night! I went crazy trying to figure out why....another feed? tummy ache? teething? 2 months later i learn...

Wednesday 20 December 11:02am

southb replied to topic Help! Cries/screams before sleep EVERY time

Hi. There could be a couple of reasons for her outbursts. 1. Maybe she is overtired 2. Maybe there was too much stimulation before sleep 3. Maybe she hates being wrapped up! My little boy hated b...

Saturday 28 October 11:07am
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