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Marianne74 replied to topic STILL NOT WALKING AT 16MTHS???

Hey there, My little girl was a late walker also, at 18 months. She's nearly 2 yrs old now, and running around. But at the time, you do feel a bit concerned. I don't know if size/weight has anythi...

Friday 30 January 11:00pm

Marianne74 replied to topic Is this normal/right

Well, I hope it's normal. My little 16 month old girl, has on occassion touched herself down there, while I'm changing her nappy. Initially it freaked me out because it seems so wrong, but like som...

Thursday 26 June 12:12pm

Marianne74 replied to topic 17mths and not walking yet

Melanie, thanks for asking the question. I've just joined this forum, and was going to post pretty much the same topic. So, it's been really reassuring reading all the responses. My 16 month old...

Wednesday 25 June 09:42pm
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