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RYCC54 replied to topic Biting at Daycare/childcare

My DD was first bitten at preschool when she was 10mths. She was bitten on the cheek quite hard by an older child. I was understandably upset but completely understood that these things happen. The...

Monday 04 February 09:48pm

RYCC54 replied to topic Labour and Hospital Bag

To be honest you may be going a little overboard if you plan to stay in for only 24 hours but it can't hurt to be prepared. I didn't take much in for my four day hospital stay but I had a lot labou...

Wednesday 19 September 12:10pm

RYCC54 replied to topic expressing = less milk???

I'm glad you brought this up. I thought it was just me. My girl is at preschool two days a week and I find that I have two express twice to get enough milk for one bottle (that means extra expressi...

Wednesday 18 July 12:06pm

RYCC54 replied to topic weaning from breast to bottle

Hi, I'm having the same problems. Two days ago I tried to give Zoe a bottle of formula and she completely rejected it. She's ok with taking a bottle of expressed milk but when she realises it's fo...

Wednesday 18 July 09:35am
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