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Fid started new topic When did your toddler stop drinking from a bottle?

I am not sure at which age I should take the bottle away from our little one (she is almost 17 months). She has a bottle of milk in the morning and one in the evening before she goes to bed. How d...

Wednesday 26 November 09:39pm

Fid started new topic Twin pram/stroller

Our little ones are going to be 17 months apart in age and we are thinking that we might need a twin pram/stroller. We prefer for them to be sitting side by side. Any suggestions?

Wednesday 26 November 09:20pm

Fid started new topic What is the best age to get rid of the bottle?

Just wondering what you think is the best age to get rid of the bottle is? How did you do it and what sort of cup worked well with your little one? Our 16 month old has 2 bottles a day and is not i...

Sunday 09 November 10:16pm

Fid started new topic Girls name beginning with a letter after M - please help

We are looking for a girl's name which begins with a letter that comes after M in the alphabet. My husband and I have looked on the Huggies website but nothing is jumping at us yet and we thought t...

Sunday 09 November 10:10pm

Fid started new topic 1st Birthday Gift Ideas

I am trying to think what to buy our little girl for her 1st Birthday. Any ideas? I did think maybe of buying her a pedal car. Has anyone's children really enjoyed one of these and had years of use...

Monday 23 June 06:31pm

Fid started new topic What age to move from cot to bed?

At about what age did you move your little one from their cot into their own bed? Thanks.

Tuesday 10 June 03:45pm

Fid started new topic 18 months between children : what is the hardest thing?

We are expecting our second child in December. Our little one will be 18 months old when the baby arrives. Just wondering if anyone can tell me what they found was the hardest thing about having tw...

Sunday 18 May 07:10am

Fid started new topic Tony Fergus0n - has anyone tried it?

I am seriously considering doing it as I would love to get my weight down and to lose my jelly belly. I am no longer breastfeeding and think it is time to do something about shedding the many extra...

Sunday 16 March 09:36pm

Fid started new topic What to wear to a Wedding?

We are going to Wedding in a couple of weekends and I can't find anything to wear. I have some black pants I could wear but need to find a top which covers my jelly belly (still there from dd preg...

Saturday 09 February 10:31am

Fid started new topic Christening / Baptism Gift Ideas

Can you please share with me some ideas for a gift? I am hoping for some inspiration for something a little different but still special. My dd received a lovely handpainted plate with her name an...

Saturday 09 February 10:10am

Fid started new topic 'Red Wine' Birth Mark

Do you know any ways of helping to fade a 'red wine' type birth mark? It is not very big but big enough for people to comment on it, thinking that it is a rash. It is on the bottom of her ear lob...

Tuesday 05 February 09:45pm

Fid started new topic Wishing Well - Well Ideas

My friends are getting married soon and they are having a Wishing Well at their Wedding. However, she does not want to have a 'wishing well' as such. Any ideas of what she could use instead of a ...

Friday 01 February 08:45pm

Fid started new topic Constipation Remedies

Do you have any suggestions for how I can help our almost 7 month old baby who is constipated? Thanks for your help.

Wednesday 30 January 11:37am

Fid replied to topic 40th Birthday Gift - Any Ideas?

Thank you for the great ideas but unfortunately we live many hours from a city or large town and we do not have any day spas etc out here. I wish we did!

Monday 14 January 11:40am

Fid started new topic 40th Birthday Gift - Any Ideas?

I am trying to think of what to give my good friend (female, single) who will be turning 40 soon. She is such a hard person to buy for and I have done the gift voucher, magazine subscriptions befo...

Monday 14 January 11:09am

Fid started new topic Your Opinion Please On My Idea

For years I have been saying that I am going to offer a 'Back to School Book Covering Service' and this year I am finally going to place an ad in the local newspaper. Do you think that many people...

Thursday 06 December 10:31pm

Fid started new topic Bibs for Bigger Necks

I am having trouble finding cotton bibs which are not tight around my dd neck. Which ones (brands) have you found to have a bigger opening around the neck? And where can I buy some from? Thanks.

Tuesday 04 December 10:17pm

Fid replied to topic Christmas Table Decorations

Yes, I have to get them online as we live out in the bush and it is a long way to the shops. We won't get to see any shops until Christmas Eve and I don't want to risk there being nothing left.

Friday 30 November 01:14pm

Fid started new topic Christmas Table Decorations

My sister in law yesterday informed me that I am in charge of providing the table decorations for this year's Christmas lunch. Do you know anywhere online where I can buy a pack with all that I ne...

Friday 30 November 12:21pm

Fid started new topic Exersaucers

I am thinking of buying our little girl an Exersaucer for Christmas. She will be almose 6 months old at Christmas. Have you had any experience with Exersuacers? Do you recommend a particular des...

Sunday 25 November 02:48pm
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