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K,C&K replied to topic Help with expressing

Hi Nattur, With my son, I went back to work when he was 10 weeks old, and so started expressing at about 8 weeks. I used a Pur hand pump, then after I melted part of it in the microwave steriliser...

Sunday 06 March 10:20pm

K,C&K replied to topic Sterilising

Hi there, Well, it's the end of the year, we survived the term, I worked three days a week, and I am still breastfeeding! Quite proud of myself!! (sorry, little big-headed here!!) We ended up buyin...

Tuesday 30 December 10:58pm

K,C&K replied to topic Anyone had this problem with sex after c section?

Hi Jessica, I agree, it is embarrassing to talk about it, the anonymous forum helps! I also had a c-section (6th Aug) and have the same pain you describe. This developed around the fifth month of ...

Monday 13 October 07:15pm

K,C&K replied to topic Baths or showers?

Hi Belinda, thanks for the safety reminder. The changetable has a harness-type strap over it to avoid my precious bundle rolling off, and I am extremely careful to make sure he's secure before leav...

Wednesday 24 September 09:13pm

K,C&K replied to topic Starting Labour Yourself

For all those stressing over due dates ..... remember that a nine month or 40 week pregnancy is an average, based on 28 day cycles. If you had cycles that were longer than 28 days (even only a coup...

Monday 22 September 03:10pm

K,C&K replied to topic How much does your baby sleep during the day?

Hi all, I have a 7wk old son who feeds to sleep. If I want him to sleep for any longer than 10 minutes after putting him down, I need to wrap him in a blanket/bunny rug before he goes to sleep, oth...

Monday 22 September 02:40pm

K,C&K replied to topic Baths or showers?

Hi all, I am petrified of bathing my 7wk son, as he slipped while bathing him in hospital, and went under. I have only bathed him a few times at home, but getting more confident with it! However...

Monday 22 September 12:22pm

K,C&K started new topic Sterilising

Hi there, I am going to be returning to part time work in a few weeks, and hope to be able to express for his daytime feeds. Can anyone help me with sterilising info? I have been told that boil...

Monday 22 September 11:43am
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