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FAD760 replied to topic Gender of unborn baby

with my first 2 i found out. with my 3rd we didn't. we had one of each and didn't care what we got. i have to say not know was so much better. if i was to do it again (and im not) i would not find...

Monday 22 October 06:35pm

FAD760 replied to topic Gender Prediction wrong?

with my 1st at 12 weeks i was told most likey a boy. than at 28 weeks it was a girl no question about it. if they say maybe or something like that i wouldn't believe then.

Thursday 12 April 08:11pm

FAD760 replied to topic Strep B Antibiotic Question!

i had it with my 3rd baby and i knew she was going to be quick. it was an 1hr 45 min labour and it was all good. the midwife wasn't worried at all. i only got one shot. if your worried talk to you...

Thursday 12 April 07:53pm

FAD760 replied to topic For the ladies who have had short labours

my 1st was 6hrs 2rd 3 hrs born 15mins after getting to hospital so with my 3rd i knew it was going to be quick. contractions were 10 mins apart but lasting 2 mins.i knew i had to go as i felt like...

Wednesday 11 April 12:28am

FAD760 replied to topic more babies?

we both always wanted 2. we were happy but i was always thinking it would be nice for a 3rd. now that we have our 3rd she is just what we needed to full our family. and i dont not ever, want any m...

Tuesday 10 April 11:47pm

FAD760 replied to topic When did your second baby arrive?

my first two were both born on there due dates. with my 3rd i through she would also come on due date, but no she was 14 late. labour started on there own each time.

Tuesday 10 April 11:16pm

FAD760 replied to topic How do you know when you don't want anymore kids??

i always wanted 2. when my son was 1yr I was thinking it would be nice but im happy with 2. i had my 3rd ( not plained) and i am so happy and do not want anymore. never...

Wednesday 21 March 07:32pm

FAD760 replied to topic how big was your 3rd

girl 6lbs 7oz on due date boy 7lbs 13oz on due date girl 7lbs 12oz 16 days late

Tuesday 09 August 01:00am

FAD760 replied to topic ~~~I'm getting impatient and VERY curious :)~~~

girl i was all baby with my girls and put a lot of weight on with my son.

Thursday 14 July 05:55am

FAD760 replied to topic Third labour and deliveries

my 1st was 6hrs 10mins pushing 2.5kg 2rd had pain that was like my period pain for about 4hrs than water broke(at home)walked into the hospital 30mins later after 5 pushes he was born 3kg 3rd per...

Friday 08 July 12:19am

FAD760 replied to topic Giving birth to a 3rd child

my 3rd was very quick 90mins 2rd 3hrs 1st 9 hrs my 3rd was the easies as it was quick and my body knew what to do it wasn't as painfully.

Saturday 04 June 06:38pm

FAD760 started new topic tmi

i had my baby 3 months ago. i bleed on and off for the first 5 weeks than it stopped.for the past 4 weeks i have been had a little blood not much but enough for me to worry its not bright in colour...

Saturday 04 June 06:33pm

FAD760 replied to topic Looking for girls and boys names that are unusual/uncommon that don't end in N

my sister named her boy kias

Monday 23 May 05:34pm

FAD760 replied to topic MARCH 2011 (Feb & early April)

how is everyone doing? my little one is 9 weeks and she is so good.feeds well,sleeps all night (love that one) and is rolling over (belly to back) 000 cloths getting too short but great around aro...

Tuesday 03 May 11:37pm

FAD760 replied to topic snuggle beds..

i have a bassinet next to my bed but my daughter doesn't like it wakes up all the time,in the other room i have the cot with a snuggle bed in it and she loves it.sleeps most of the night without wa...

Sunday 24 April 09:33pm

FAD760 replied to topic my 7week old

she is great back to her old self,she sleep from 7pm last night to 430am so very happy. loves just sitting and watching me.(or the other 2 children). i dont know about the side thing.i have heath...

Friday 22 April 12:07am

FAD760 replied to topic pushing baby out

>MMM< Did anyone else who has delivered this quickly have pain down low in their pelvis requiring follow up treatment? no

Thursday 21 April 07:00am

FAD760 replied to topic What was the funny things that you done while in labour?

walking into the hospital with my 3rd i had a lady stop me and tell me how to give birth. the best thing she could of done is leave me alone.i was in so much pain and trying to make a run for it, ...

Thursday 21 April 01:27am

FAD760 replied to topic How did you choose your baby names?

with 1st two names we like and our middle names as there family names. with our 3rd my sister couldn't have any more kids so we got her to name her.

Thursday 21 April 12:23am

FAD760 replied to topic my 7week old

thank you i think it is growth, she was feeding all day and by the night i had nothing left.she was so over tried. so far today she has been back to her old self. thanks again it is so hard holi...

Wednesday 20 April 07:13pm
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