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Meliss replied to topic breast feeding/bottle feeding WHO CARES!

Right with you sister! I've just weaned my 6mth old girl onto the bottle after having some awful trouble. The sad story is that after going thru a similar time with my now 3yr when he was a baby ...

Saturday 12 May 05:41pm

Meliss replied to topic what formulas do you all use?

I used S26 for my son (now 3) and just started my 6mth girl on S26 Progress (she is very light in weight). I found the Gold versions gave them runny poo and was told there is no reason to pay extr...

Saturday 12 May 05:34pm

Meliss replied to topic 40 min sleep curse

PS - I find if they are going to re-settle they do it within 10 - 15mins. If it's taking longer than this I just get them up.

Saturday 21 April 05:54pm

Meliss replied to topic 40 min sleep curse

I feel your pain! Both my babies have done this to me. The first (now 3) went thru an awful time for a few months as I was trying to stick to routines other people were telling me he should be do...

Saturday 21 April 05:53pm

Meliss replied to topic Grobag?

Grobags rock! I had some for my son (now 3) and am using them again for my daughter (5mnths). I tried a few others with my son but no others were as reliable as Grobag. I got a light weight and ...

Saturday 21 April 05:40pm

Meliss replied to topic conjunctivitis! ARGH what a nightmare...

Hi Leia I concur with Melody. My little bub had a sticky eye on and off since birth and it got really bad at 5months. I took her to the dr's who said she had conjunctivitis but after using antib...

Saturday 21 April 05:33pm

Meliss started new topic Sounds of Silence CD

Hi. I am just wondering if anyone out there is using the SOunds of Silence CD? It has several tracks of white noise - womb sounds, traffic, household noise etc. I've just started using it to set...

Saturday 31 March 05:05pm

Meliss replied to topic Sorry to whinge again, but going CRAZY!!

This sounds like my two! My 3yr old and 5month old followed the same pattern. I vowed I wasn't going to repeat it with my second - having days when I didn't even get into the shower - but found m...

Saturday 31 March 04:57pm

Meliss replied to topic Any tricks to getting rid of the dummy?

Hi there. I have to share my story with you. I have a boy who is nearly three and we just got rid of his dummy last week. He never woke much in the night for it ever - so it never bothered me. ...

Tuesday 13 March 07:07pm

Meliss replied to topic sleeps better on stomach

Hi there. My 2nd child is just over 3months old and I have found the same thing! After weeks of struggling to settle her during the day on her back or side I was resorting to putting her in the b...

Tuesday 06 February 07:33pm

Meliss replied to topic cry to sleep

This patterned happended with my first son ( now 2 1/2). Can I firstly say that I quickly learnt that babies sleep when they want to sleep and it's not always the length you want them to - so don'...

Tuesday 28 November 11:10am

Meliss started new topic Gas/Sore tummy

Hi My 4wk old has been very gassy just before feeds for the past few days. She wakes just before her feed time (3-4hrs) crying/screaming with a tight tummy. We've found taking her nappy off help...

Saturday 25 November 06:59pm
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