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Kerryn5640 started new topic Baby distraught every time I leave the room

Every time I leave the room my twin son is beside himself with grief and as soon as I return he is fine. I do spend time everyday playing with all three kids but I cannot stay with him all day as t...

Wednesday 24 January 08:07pm

Kerryn5640 started new topic babies won't breastfeed distracted while out

Every time I go out one of my twins won't breast feed. All it takes after two or three sucks is someone to walk past and she is distracted, unlatches and refuses to go back. If we are out all day s...

Wednesday 24 January 08:02pm

Kerryn5640 started new topic Breastfeeding and pressure to bottle feed

I guess I am having a winge as I am breastfeeding 9mth old twins and have gone through mastitis 9 times in the first 5 months and now I am through it and travelling along well. I am sick of family ...

Wednesday 13 December 08:35pm

Kerryn5640 replied to topic Any 10 month advice on crawling and wrapping???

Hi Milliemina I know how you feel my first baby was wrapped until she was 9 months old and wouldn't sleep without it. The health nurse told me to loosen the wraps but that wouldn't work either as s...

Thursday 30 November 08:21pm

Kerryn5640 started new topic Twins

I want to meet other mums and dads of twins to share ideas. Ours are 7mths old boy/girl and we also have a 20 mth old daughter.

Friday 24 November 02:40pm
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