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BG9F52 replied to topic Breastfeeding into the second year

Don't know if I'm the most experienced person to give advice, but I have just weaned a 26mth old (which was driven by me, but it was so easy I think she was ready). I have read mixed things about ...

Wednesday 25 February 08:33pm

BG9F52 replied to topic Juju Sundin/Sarah Murdoch 'Birth skills'...

I haven't read it myself but my friend did the classes and had a wonderful empowering birth experience - totally drug free. She puts it down to the techniques she learned. It made me very interes...

Saturday 21 February 08:10pm

BG9F52 replied to topic Breastfed Babe sleeping thru at 6 weeks,full boobs!!?? Help

Hi there! Don't worry, your boobs will adjust, but it will take a few nights for them to get the message. If you have to express a little to ease the pressure that is OK too. I know it is frustra...

Saturday 21 February 07:58pm

BG9F52 replied to topic Did you baby suffer from Reflux?

Hi there, My bub had reflux too. The medication stops the burning but not the spewing. It stopped at around 6 months which for us co-incided with eating solids and sitting up-right. I remember it ...

Thursday 15 January 07:55pm

BG9F52 replied to topic STILL NOT WALKING AT 16MTHS???

The 'normal' range for walking is 9 - 18 months. My daughter started walking just a little shy of 18 months. She saw an occupational therapist who said she had low muscle tone. It is hereditary and...

Thursday 15 January 07:41pm

BG9F52 replied to topic Switching from Breast milk to Formula

Melissa, that's a pretty good suggestion (because I did that!) Not because my baby wouldn't take to formula, but because I didn't get around to weaning her off her midday feed in time for me going ...

Wednesday 26 November 08:10am

BG9F52 replied to topic Switching from Breast milk to Formula

Hi Catherine, How old is your baby? The reason I ask is that my friend had the same problem but her baby was over six months so the carer was able to offer yoghurt or other food in place of breast...

Tuesday 25 November 11:14am

BG9F52 replied to topic biting and breast refusal

My daughter did this too. It is awful! I agree with the other posters..basically every time she goes the chomp (or looks like she will) stop the feed. She will the cry and carry on a bit, then put ...

Wednesday 19 November 11:42am

BG9F52 replied to topic good point... breast vs. bottle

Ok! I have read all the posts now - what an interesting discussion. I thought I would add this extra piece I heard about toddler formula recently. I believe it was a radio interview with Robin Bar...

Wednesday 19 November 11:30am

BG9F52 replied to topic good point... breast vs. bottle

I've only skimmed all the other posts so forgive me if this response is a repeat...but from what I have read the main reason to stop bottles at 12 months is because the child can drink a lot of mil...

Wednesday 19 November 11:00am

BG9F52 replied to topic do you ever feel a tad guilty

You don't need to feel guilty! I struggled for years to get pregnant and ended up with an emergency csection(but had a great pregnancy). Now I'm stuggling to conceive again, but at least I have on...

Tuesday 18 November 12:38pm

BG9F52 replied to topic Feeding your baby someone else's breastmilk...

Absolutely all for sharing breastmilk - but personally unless I knew the other mother really well, I would want it to be screened through a milk bank. Just my paranoid mind!! I had my baby as the ...

Tuesday 18 November 12:27pm

BG9F52 replied to topic Funniest thing your child mis-pronounces

My daughter is a real Wiggles fan and calls 'Henry the Octopus' 'Hegri'. She also calls 'Anthony' 'Amoney'. I've taking to calling Henry 'Hegri' too as I think it's cute.

Wednesday 22 October 06:08pm

BG9F52 replied to topic Breast feeding

I was feeding my baby every 2 to 3 hours during the day but like you was very fortunate and got a break at night. If in doubt, feed. You can't over feed and all that regular sucking is doing good ...

Monday 15 September 05:01pm

BG9F52 replied to topic Any and all advice welcome - blister on bubs lip ?

Yep, totally normal! They are called 'milk blisters'. They just go away by themselves.

Wednesday 30 July 08:38am

BG9F52 replied to topic Getting ready for childcare

Don't feel guilty! I'm certain it is all about the age. My DD was happily going off to daycare from the age of 9 months. She hit 18 months and that's when the tears and extreme clingyness started....

Saturday 19 July 12:43pm

BG9F52 replied to topic Your 22 mnth old

My dd is on her way to 22 months and agree that it is a very cute age! Here's what she is up to - talking lots and lots, has too many words to count now, and repeats EVERYTHING - she is singing! ...

Saturday 19 July 10:50am

BG9F52 replied to topic Breastfeeding..Perserverance is the key!!

That is wonderful news - congratulations you are on your way now! After a rough start breastfeeding has become one of the highlights of my parenting experience to date - so I hope it is the same fo...

Saturday 05 July 06:31pm

BG9F52 replied to topic Breastfeeding in public

If you can join a mothers group run by the child and family health service this is a great place to start practicing the feeding in public. All the mums have bubs the same age and there are boobs e...

Saturday 05 July 06:09pm

BG9F52 replied to topic 17mths and not walking yet

Melmatt, doesn't sound like you should worry at all! Those first steps sound like they are just days away. Lozwatts, my dd was the same. Was happily sitting on her backside at her first birthday w...

Wednesday 18 June 12:00pm
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