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DKK replied to topic Central Brain Apnea

Hi Emma, I'm sorry I can't help you, but reading your post I really feel for you. Motherhood is tough enough as it is and I can only imagine how you feel. My 8 month old had silent reflux and cri...

Wednesday 21 March 06:31pm

DKK started new topic what do you consider as sleeping through???

All this talk about sleeping through and confused as to what everyone is referring this to... How many hours is considered sleeping through??? My DD is 7.5 months and has just started sleeping for ...

Wednesday 28 February 06:09pm

DKK replied to topic no energy

Hi Kas, I can honestly say, I would not function properly without my multi-vitamins. I went and saw the naturopath at Macro Wholefoods (free service) and she gave me Multi-vitamins to take and af...

Tuesday 27 February 05:47pm

DKK replied to topic What is HAPPENING??

Hi Stacey, What's happening? How has she been during her day sleeps? HHmmm Lexi woke up last night 3x and the last wake I refused to feed her and just held her until she stopped crying and then ...

Friday 23 February 06:54pm

DKK replied to topic prune juice

try stewing prunes and then processing them in a blender and mixing that into the rice cereal.. are you using the Farex rice cereal, this has too much iron and caused severe constipation to my DD a...

Friday 23 February 12:05pm

DKK replied to topic Weaning an 8.5 mth old - HELP!!!

Bek, Is she putting on the weight? My DD has extremely short feeds and it took me a while to adjust to this, always offering her the breast and her getting annoyed. Now she takes what she wants ...

Thursday 22 February 05:58pm

DKK started new topic Milk drying up?

My DD is 7 months, on breastmilk and 3 solids per day. Lately she doesn't seem that interested in breastfeeding and doesn't feed for that long. I keep expressing b/c I don't want my milk to dry u...

Tuesday 20 February 06:30pm

DKK replied to topic How to keep him awake in the car!!!

Try nursery rhymes in the car to entertain him or open the window and let some cool air in so he won't be so snug in the car.

Friday 09 February 05:24pm

DKK started new topic When to start finger food?

My DD will be 7 months next week. She has been having 3 meals a day and has been having lumpy food for the last 3 weeks. When do you start finger food and what would you introduce first? I gave ...

Thursday 08 February 01:34pm

DKK replied to topic how to break the cat napping cycle?

My DD was the same at 5 months and this drove me insane. I started stretching her out between sleeps and dropped the 3rd sleep at 5 months as it would take 45min to get her to sleep and she would ...

Thursday 08 February 01:29pm

DKK replied to topic Wont go to sleep when we go out - HELP!!

consider yourself lucky... sorry, but I am reading this and thinking that you are blessed with her sleeping in the pram. My DD has NEVER slept in the pram and am pretty much housebound for all her...

Friday 19 January 06:16pm

DKK started new topic From 3 sleeps to 2

My DD has been extremely difficult to put down on her third sleep. She is really unsettled and cry for 45 min and won't re-settle. If she does fall asleep she will only fall asleep for 30 min. Wh...

Friday 12 January 06:08pm

DKK replied to topic Sleeping on tummy!

My DD is 6 months next week and has been a tummy sleeper for the last 2 weeks, after persisting with turning her on her back at least 5 times each sleep, I left her on her tummy and she slept for 4...

Friday 12 January 11:14am

DKK started new topic Ferrel at 3rd sleep

Hi, My 5 1/2 mth old DD has been REALLY ferrel with her 3rd sleeps for the past 2 weeks.. she sleeps really well in the morning and arvo and wakes between 3.30-4 and then starts getting grizzly s...

Monday 08 January 08:40am

DKK started new topic Biting during breastfeeding

My DD has her first two teeth and has begun to bite.... OUUUCH! (Bruised me for a couple of days) Any advice would be great as I now get nervous when I am nursing her.

Friday 05 January 01:29pm

DKK replied to topic Driving me crazy

De-ja-vu My DD was exactly the same, I would go in and out of her room at least 5 times b/c she would roll on to her tummy and start crying. I would go in and she'd start smiling, walk out start cr...

Friday 05 January 08:47am

DKK replied to topic when to rusks!?!?

Hi, Try Macrofoods, I purchased gluten free teething rusks as I suffer from IBS and fear the same for my DD, so I want to avoid gluten until 12 months of age.

Wednesday 03 January 05:18pm

DKK replied to topic settling clinic in Noble park

Hi I haven't been to Noble Park but have been to another in the northern suburbs. My DD was only 10 days old and at the time, I took it all as gospel. Every child is different and it took me a w...

Sunday 24 December 08:47am

DKK replied to topic coping in the heat

I spent yesterday arvo with my DD sleeping on me as my house only has airconditioning in the kitchen and lounge room. Her room was 32 deg.. she was very unsettled and after a good 1 hour of hard ...

Saturday 23 December 01:54pm

DKK replied to topic Playing up in cot, not sleeping

Just to add to this, in the last few days, her afternoon naps have been going from 1 1/2 to 45 minutes and she wakes up crying. She is normally quite good but has been difficult last few days. E...

Friday 22 December 05:59am
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