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K311 started new topic pregnant while taking the pill ??

Hi, I am just after a little bit of advice. I have been using levlen for a little over a year.and always have regular periods which i always get on the 16th or 17th of every month. this past month ...

Thursday 14 June 06:52am

K311 replied to topic Healthy toddler weight

Hi Slibby. Im certainly not a doctor or anything but i am a mother and my personal opinion is that the worst thing you could do is put your beautiful little boy on a "diet" ... ...

Thursday 22 June 05:21pm

K311 replied to topic What are you 2 year old boys favourite toys?.

My son is also 2 and seems to be interested in something new everyday. I also rotate his toys so he isnt getting sick of them.. he has the pop onz table and he likes building on that. Loves tool...

Thursday 15 June 12:56pm

K311 replied to topic Pls help- Need idea's for games to play at 1st Bday!

Hi Proud Mummy. One idea that worked for me was setting up a Play Dough area. You could use a child size table or lay out a large platic table cloth on the floor. Its very inexpensive as you ca...

Thursday 15 June 12:32pm

K311 replied to topic first birthday,i need help i have no idea what so ever helppppp

Hi Youngyummymummy. Hows the planning going ? Just thought I would mention something i did for my sons first birthday. I brought a Signiture Bear and passed it around to all of the adults (...

Thursday 15 June 12:21pm

K311 started new topic Toddler Party Ideas That Have Worked For You :-) Heeelp !!

Hi Everyone. I need some ideas..... My son is having his 2nd birthday party next weekend. I have brought those Noodle style boxes ( coloured ones ) to give the children as a party favour when ...

Thursday 15 June 12:01pm

K311 started new topic Central Coast Play Groups

Hi everyone, Im 23 years old, I live in the Entrance on the central coast and have a 19month old bub. does anyone know of any local play groups? I cant seem to find any and would love to meet s...

Friday 10 February 07:16pm

K311 started new topic Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Hi, I was wondering if any one has any ideas for some baby shower girfs. the sex of the baby is unknown and im stuck with what i could get. i have made up a small baby bundle but is there anything...

Friday 30 September 05:39pm

K311 replied to topic Stretch marks >:(

Hi , Stretch Marks, Dont Ya Hate 'em..... I used a product called Bio Oil. it is for Scars, Stretch maks, uneven skin tone. u can also use it as a bath oil to treat your skin. It did fade my stre...

Thursday 08 September 07:10pm

K311 replied to topic What do you look like??

What a great idea . Blonde hair (straight at he moment) but naturally curly/wavey. I don't know how tall i am. just average height. about 60kg i think ( aaarrrg i really wish i was still my usu...

Tuesday 23 August 04:55pm

K311 started new topic Teary Mummy

Ok, i need to vent. Today my 14month old son spent the day with his grandparents (on his fathers side, who i am no longer with and whom has no contact with myself or my son). he's grandparents are ...

Wednesday 17 August 04:53pm

K311 started new topic Should bub be on cows milk?

Hi i was looking for some advice about when to switch from formular to cows milk?, i am getting mixed feelings from others some say he shouldn't be on formular anymore, some say he is fine to still...

Tuesday 16 August 04:01pm

K311 replied to topic single mum's

Hi kokomo, Where on the coast are you? i am also on the coast, single & have a 13month old son.

Monday 15 August 06:24pm

K311 replied to topic Mums on the Central Coast

hi i am also a coastie! where on the coast are u all from?

Monday 15 August 06:18pm

K311 replied to topic A Call for Townsville parents

Hi, I am also a single mum with a 13month old son. I'm not from townsville, I'm on the Central Coast. But i do know whats it's like being a mother on ur own. how do u cope with 2 little bubbies, ...

Monday 15 August 04:37pm

K311 replied to topic Epilepsie

hi Mel, I just wanted to give u a positive note. I was born with epilepsy, i had grand-mal fits (the BIG ones) up untill the age of about 3 or 4... by age 5 i was completely off medications and h...

Sunday 14 August 12:22pm

K311 replied to topic BAD BREATH

Hi, Im not sure where i read this but i remember reading that if bub starts to have a bit of bad breath it may be a sign that some little toothy pegs are coming.

Sunday 14 August 12:04pm

K311 replied to topic losec and nappy rash

Hi, my son is 13months old and never had nappy rash untill last month he got it really bad, and like u i change him regularly and only use huggies wipes and nappies. he was in pain from this rash...

Sunday 14 August 11:04am

K311 replied to topic tomi safari front packs

hi catherine, i brought one of those when i had my bub and he loved it, shopping was so much easier with him when he was in th pouch as he felt close to my body and was settled the whole time. he ...

Saturday 13 August 06:33pm

K311 started new topic Toddler bike with Parent Handle

Hi, I was wanting to purchase one of those Toddler bikes that have a parent handle attached..has anyone brought one that they liked or didnt like for any reason. and what store did u purchase it ...

Saturday 13 August 06:28pm
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