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TD6261 replied to topic 3 yr old suddenly very loud

I am pretty sure it is just a phase as my little girl is sometimes really loud and like you sometimes it is due to excitement and sometimes due to her wanting to get me attention. Some things that...

Sunday 07 February 04:57pm

TD6261 replied to topic things to do with a 3 year old boy

Hi, I am a firm believer that you do not have to spend lots of money to keep kids entertained. I have a soon to be 3 year old girl and some of the things that she loves to do and is entertained f...

Sunday 07 February 04:47pm

TD6261 replied to topic My little Yes/No man - 32m old problems

Hi, personally I think he is in between wanting to drop his afternoon sleep and still needing it. When my little girl, who is soon to be 3 turned 2 she went through the exact same stage where I ...

Sunday 07 February 04:37pm

TD6261 replied to topic Child with Low Self COnfidence

Hi,I def do not think you are doing anything wrong. If anything it sounds as if you are doing all the right things, kids do love to please so giving lots of praise does eventually pay off so don't...

Sunday 07 February 04:25pm

TD6261 replied to topic Single Parenting - Handy tips

These are my handy tips * Try to remain on good terms with your child's mum or dad for the sake of the child * Get agreements written up legally * Use a good lawyer if you need one * use your s...

Tuesday 02 February 08:31pm

TD6261 replied to topic Any single mums in SA

Hi, I am not sure where you live in Adelaide.....but I was a single mum, so I have been there done that so know how difficult it can be. if you are interested would still be keen to meet up I live ...

Tuesday 02 February 08:12pm

TD6261 replied to topic Where do I start?

Hi am sorry to hear about your situation, it is not easy but in the end things will hopefully work out for the best and you can be a much happier person. First of all go visit centrelink and they ...

Tuesday 02 February 08:08pm

TD6261 started new topic Mum is Adelaide

Hi just wondering if there are any mums in Adelaide who are interested in meeting up for play dates? I live in Hawthorn and have a gorgeous soon to be 3 year old daughter named Chloe.

Tuesday 02 February 07:54pm

TD6261 replied to topic not a morning baby!

hi, I hope your situation has settled since you wrote! All babies have a natural sucking reflex so what he is doing is normal and maynot indicate he is hungry. Have u ever tried putting your fing...

Saturday 24 November 09:22am

TD6261 replied to topic sleep deprivation!

hi, I hope things have improved since you wrote. I have a 9 month old and I sometimes find that she will wake at the same time each morning for a week or so and then it just stops. One stage it w...

Saturday 24 November 09:14am

TD6261 replied to topic Cant keep my 9 month old under the covers

hi, I also have a 9 month old who is crawling and pulling herself up but only twice has she done this in bed. This is what has worked for us as the weather is getting warmer........ put bubs in a...

Saturday 24 November 08:59am

TD6261 replied to topic ***babys head shape WORRIES???**

hi, my little one now 9 months had an extremely flat left side of the head, now she is 9 months old and you wouldn't even know it. I like you were worried but everyone told me including the physio...

Tuesday 20 November 01:24pm

TD6261 replied to topic Help/ advice please

hi, why not try going for a walk when he is due for a sleep and see if he will sleep in his pram. After awhile he will get used to it. Make sure you lay the pram down with something that smells o...

Tuesday 20 November 01:16pm

TD6261 replied to topic 9 month old will not sleep

hi, I also have a 9 month old named Chloe! Your little one is catnapping and some reasons I have read that infants catnap are; they are hungry hot or cold have been put down to sleep too early, re...

Sunday 18 November 01:20pm

TD6261 replied to topic baby sitting in cot and wont settle..i'm exhausted

Hey my little one is 9 months as well!!!! I will suggest a few things which may or may not help......... Does bubs have a set bedtime routine each night? Ours looks something like this dinner, pl...

Sunday 18 November 01:10pm

TD6261 replied to topic SICK BABY.... HELP

hi, don't think that you gave into him, you did what you felt you needed to do and that is perfectly fine. I understand that you would want to give bubs a cuddle after he was crying so much a moth...

Sunday 18 November 12:54pm

TD6261 replied to topic Tips for resettling

hi, I agree with everything that Henry's mum has written! Just add some of my own ideas.......... Have you tried keep him up a bit longer. I read that when a bub catnaps it is because 1)they are ...

Thursday 11 October 10:19am

TD6261 replied to topic My 6 month old wont settle for his daytime nap

hi, great to read that you are getting a good night sleep. This happened to me at about 6 months as well and I found that by keeping them up an extra half hour worked wonders and Chloe was more re...

Thursday 11 October 06:45am

TD6261 replied to topic sleeps on me

hi, do you follow a feed, play, sleep routine during the day? She may have associated your belly with falling asleep but am unsure if at that age they can make the associations??? Have you tried p...

Saturday 25 August 07:26am

TD6261 replied to topic 6 months old baby

hello, I feel your pain LOL!!!! I have hit the jackpot the last 3 days and it has worked wonder so read my article on from a day time catnapper to a great day sleeper (it is on this forum) give it ...

Saturday 25 August 07:15am
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