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littleman replied to topic Mum with Teenagers and Baby

hi well I have a 14yr old my husband has a 15yr & 14 yr old so there is a huge gap between my daughter who is with my 2 boys all the time & she is against me even thinking of having another which I...

Monday 21 November 01:32pm

littleman replied to topic giving credit to stay at home mums/dads

I have been a stay at home mum for 14yrs I had a daughter at 18 & now have 2 boys so it is very rewarding but then it has its downside with little or no adult conversation so thanku to those people...

Monday 21 November 01:02pm

littleman replied to topic Missed Abortion

Well its the hardest thing to get over I still mourn my little one that I lost in february 2001 I had a septic pregnancy so I was pumped with anti-botics all night & cried all night thank God I was...

Monday 21 November 12:49pm

littleman replied to topic How to clean my stroller?

My husband unscrews it & I soak it in the new oxy nappy san for a couple of hours then I hang it in the carport & I do this every couple of months & it looks new

Monday 21 November 12:33pm

littleman started new topic lactose intolerant

My son who is 14mths is lactose intolerant & I would like to find out how other people handled putting a child on lactose free products & how it affected the other members of the house it's been ha...

Saturday 22 October 03:32pm

littleman started new topic how to get through to your three year old

how can I get my three year old son to listen to me with out yelling at him & have him be the sweet boy he is? please help me I've tried time out & taking things off him but don't know what else to...

Friday 23 September 02:44pm

littleman replied to topic Alone in Samford area

I live at Keperra & I have the same problem I don't have a car because my husband has the car & I don't drive yet but I have the bus down the road but most of my friends work which makes it hard fo...

Thursday 14 July 08:19am
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