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TA0832 replied to topic Allergies in little ones

Hi, most icecreams have egg in them so I would definately find out if there was egg in the icecream and if so avoid all foods with egg in them until he gets tested.

Wednesday 24 February 07:25am

TA0832 replied to topic What do you hink of ater reading these symptoms

If he is having a blood test anyway can you also ask the doctor to add a check his thyroid function to the referral before you go to get it done? The low temps, constipation/diarrohea/irritable/sle...

Monday 22 February 10:42am

TA0832 replied to topic very strong stubborn 3 year old

What about making a really cold choc milkshake and putting the medicine in there, do you think he would drink it? Only thing is he will have to drink all of it to make sure he gets a full dose. Oth...

Monday 04 January 10:28am

TA0832 replied to topic good OB in Hobart?

Hi I go to Hobart Obgyn in Lenah Valley and see Dr Brodrib who is really great - I have also seen the other obs there when he was on holidays and they are really nice and caring also. There is par...

Sunday 03 January 10:49am

TA0832 replied to topic Swelling and leaking (feet and legs)

Hi - I think you should look into having a Lymphatic drainage massage. It is basically a gentle massage that encourages the fluid to drain out of your legs and be absorbed by your body. I would ...

Wednesday 30 December 07:45am

TA0832 replied to topic Now hates the bath!!

Same thing happened to my son at 2 years old. Eventually we just put him the bath with his swimmers on and told him to have a nice swim. He got over it after a few weeks and now goes in the bath nu...

Monday 23 November 06:15pm

TA0832 replied to topic Penis inflation?

Hi My nephews had to be circumsised at about 3 as the urine was not passing fast enough and backing up and causing kidney problems and pain, but htere are a few steps (creams etc) before that is n...

Monday 12 October 07:28pm

TA0832 replied to topic Penis inflation?

Hi When you say inflates does it bulge at the tip of the penis? Has he had any uriny tract infections? If so his foreskin might be too tight but probably will loosen by itself. my family has a his...

Friday 09 October 05:10pm

TA0832 replied to topic Solo Parenting!!! HELP

Hi I come from an all girl family as well and look after my son most of the time as his dad is often away with work. I am currently reading "Raising Boys" by Steve Biddulph which is a great book -...

Sunday 14 June 10:43am

TA0832 replied to topic Children and Growing pains.

Hi I used to get growing pains as a kid also - so painful. I find a hot bath would make them go away - no fun at 2 am though. I think magnesium is ment to help - might be worth giving it a go if h...

Sunday 07 June 12:14pm


Hi I have not tried this myself - but I heard that watering down some Dettol and spraying it on yourself can deter them - but you might smell detolly fresh - lol. Also try vitamin B and I heard to...

Sunday 31 May 11:44am

TA0832 replied to topic allergic reactions - what do you think?

Hi - I get the same swollen hands and feet with welts/lumps on them as I am alergic to some medications - some types of antibiotics and some cough medicines etc - and then hands/feet get really itc...

Sunday 31 May 11:36am

TA0832 replied to topic Not really constipated but what?

Hi, It might be a very early sign to start toilet training. My son was 21 months and would come to me distressed holding the front of his nappy - I thought oh no mabey he has a urinary tract infec...

Sunday 17 May 11:29am

TA0832 replied to topic 13mth old loosing weight

Hi, How much milk/formula is she having? Milk in itself is a whole food and can help keep the weight on. My son is now 2.5 and has cut right back on milk and has not gained anything for the last 4...

Wednesday 25 March 11:38am

TA0832 replied to topic HELP HELP HELP How can it all change

Hi, My son had a period of waking up in the middle of the night really upset (probably 3 nights out of seven), crying and hitting at us when we were trying to settle him. I thought it might be his...

Monday 23 March 12:49pm

TA0832 replied to topic is something wrong with my lil girl???

Hi My son started doing this as well at 2 years old - he was fine during the day (didnt seem sick was happy etc) but during meal times - especially dinner he would put his finger down his throat a...

Sunday 15 March 08:18pm

TA0832 replied to topic I need a quick answer

What does the medicine taste like? If it is mild you could probably hide it in a milk shake or if fruity in a strawberry milkshake - make sure he does not see you put in the the shake. The problem ...

Tuesday 03 March 04:18pm

TA0832 replied to topic how to convience 2yr old not to strip at sleep time

I dont really know but at a guess would be to buy a sleep suit without feet(either summer or winter)and put it on backwards - probably the zip type as hopefully he would not be able to unzip it on ...

Monday 16 February 05:10pm

TA0832 replied to topic Toddler refuses to eat dinner

I found what worked with my son was that I served myself dinner with his portion on my plate and sat down at the table to eat it. He of course wanted what I was eating on my plate and I said no it...

Monday 16 February 04:54pm

TA0832 replied to topic rash around mouth

Hi, My nephew had a rash around his mouth and after much diet monitoring they worked out he was having too much tomato/tomato sauce. The reduced the amount of tomato pasta sauce and fresh tomato a...

Monday 16 February 04:21pm
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