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wombat replied to topic TEETHING

hey mummy, i too have a boy around your sons age. he got his first two teeth at around 6 months. he is now 10 months and still has only two teeth. he are having rough nights where he wont sleep til...

Monday 31 March 10:31pm

wombat started new topic what excersises can and should i do at 6 weeks after a c section?

hey all i have just had a baby boy 6 weeks ago and want to start exercises now!! im alreasy walking lots but want to do more, to tone my tummy flat and get rid of the fat and flabbyness from my bod...

Tuesday 24 July 05:33pm

wombat replied to topic CONGRATS WOMBAT (Tegan)

to my bestie clare. you move me so much and i thank you for you well wishes and all you have done in past and present for me. i hope i can repay you when you need it most. lots of love tegan xxx

Monday 11 June 08:23pm

wombat replied to topic baby boy names

hey girls, so anyway i have a little dilema for ya! we have a 21 month old boy named tyson, and we are i believe expecting another boy and so far have dale scott which is his middle and last name, ...

Saturday 26 May 07:31am

wombat started new topic due today still pregnant tomorrow.

so my edd is fancy still being pregnant. haha oh well, i see the doctor tomorrow and see what she will say. i already know what she will say, "oh we will book you for a c section" reason ...

Saturday 26 May 07:22am

wombat replied to topic king edward hosp.CRECHE'

hey kaydens mum, i put tyson in there for when i had to get a scan, my man had to change his bum first and as soon as he had put tyson on the floor, he was he didnt worry about us leaving ...

Wednesday 11 April 08:22am

wombat started new topic alex HELP!!!

alex, i need help. since i had tyson 16 months ago alot of things have changed while being pregnant. and when i had tyson they tried to help me breastfeed him but due to problems of latching on to ...

Friday 22 December 01:27pm

wombat started new topic best of luck clare bear

to all who know this very special woman, her name is clare, she is due for a c section on wednesday this coming week. and although it has been a bumpy ride for her body. we wish her luck and hope a...

Monday 11 December 08:13pm

wombat replied to topic WHY DO YOU GO TO RECOVERY AFTER A C SECTION??

hey there. any question for a woman having a baby is not dumb. same for someone who doesnt know about these things.hehe anyway my answer for your question is. it doesnt matter if it was elective o...

Monday 11 December 08:10pm

wombat started new topic second bubs need unusual boys names.

hey all, i am having my second baby and need boys names that arent heard of very often at all. i have a girls name picked it is rhiannon may. and so i need something really different for a boys na...

Monday 11 December 08:01pm

wombat started new topic sinus after a cold help!!!

hey all, ok so this is my second pregnancy and as i have said in another post i have so far had a cold at 7 weeks and a virus acouple of weeks ago and now i have got the remaining bits of a second ...

Wednesday 06 December 10:02am

wombat started new topic why do i keep getting sick?

hey all, as you know im having my second bubs who is due in may and since the pregnancy began i have fallen ill constantly. for the first few weeks i had a cold and along with morning sickness the ...

Wednesday 22 November 09:39am

wombat replied to topic from bath to shower

i have always had my son in the shower since ever i can remember, well... from about 3 months or a bit older, but when i had him in the bath i used to sprinkle the water over him with the washer so...

Thursday 16 November 02:53pm

wombat replied to topic christmas presents?

hello there, maybe simple puzzles or funny books? anything that she seems to be interested in when you go shopping maybe? when i was little i used to love stuffed toys, dressups and dolls. and i lo...

Thursday 16 November 02:44pm

wombat started new topic help vacuum fears?

hey all i have a almost 15 month old son tyson and he just goes in to such a state that it sounds like he's in pain and its breaking my heart to see him like it. it all started when we moved to per...

Thursday 16 November 02:41pm

wombat replied to topic Changing your due date???

hey all my name is tegan, i am a mother of a 15 month old boy named tyson and expecting our second child in may "07" my first/ initial due date was 19th of may but since i went for a dating scan l...

Monday 06 November 11:10am

wombat started new topic help!! need uncommon names for boy or girl.

hey all i am expecting our second child and have decided not to find out the sex. as most of our friends say we have chosen to find out the lucky dip way? strange i anyway i have one girls...

Monday 06 November 10:57am

wombat replied to topic Looking for Uncommon Boys Names

hey there i called my son tyson. after tyson stengline not sure if that last name is right but anyway he is a footy player for west coast eagles. hope that helps a bit. tegan.xx

Monday 06 November 10:49am

wombat started new topic how much weight gain is too much?

dear aex and other parents thanks for helping me with previous queries. but now i have a new concern. as you may remember i asked about gestational diabetes. but i would like to know, i started as...

Thursday 26 October 02:12pm

wombat replied to topic is sumthing wrong

its normal to bleed after you have the baby for around six weeks, but bleeding every two weeks after is a bit strange, yes it takes a little time for your period to settle down again after being pr...

Tuesday 24 October 08:29am
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