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jojodes started new topic Growing out of capsule at 3 months!

OMG! Brooke just won't stop growing and I am worried that pretty soon she will be too big for the capsule! She is a very long baby (66cm), and her head & feet are close to the edges of the capsule...

Saturday 13 May 07:37pm

jojodes replied to topic You know you're a mum when..... watch an 'adult's' movie and recognise people from Play School and other children's shows, lol

Saturday 13 May 06:23pm

jojodes started new topic A sad story.

I was talking to my neighbour today and she has just lost her newborn grandson. He was born last Tuesday via c/s and was doing really well. His mother was breastfeeding him and was in a bit of disc...

Saturday 13 May 05:49pm

jojodes started new topic OMG!!!! SHE SLEPT THROUGH!!!!!!!!

Last night, I had the BEST sleep I have had since Brooke was born (maybe even before then...)! I put Brooke down last night at 7:30pm...I stayed up til 1am, thinking I'd stay awake till her first f...

Saturday 13 May 07:53am

jojodes replied to topic Whats on your mind at the moment

Why is my sock wet?

Friday 12 May 05:23pm

jojodes started new topic Topic: Once Upon A....3 worded story (restarted)

Once upon a time, a big

Thursday 11 May 04:15pm

jojodes started new topic Infant's Friend (for colic) dosage?

Hi, I recently found Infan'ts Friend Colic syrup, but the instructions on the label aren't 100% clear. It says to give a baby 10-20 that per dose or per day? When do I give it to her......

Thursday 11 May 11:08am

jojodes started new topic Day Stay Program

Hi. I am just wondering if any of you could give me some insight into what goes on during a typical session at a day stay clinic. I have booked into one for next Monday with my daughter, as she wa...

Thursday 11 May 11:02am

jojodes replied to topic "NOAH PATRICK DULAC"

CONGRATULATIONS Sonia! Welcome to the world little baby Noah, it sounds like your family love you very much Jodie

Wednesday 10 May 04:57pm

jojodes started new topic At whit's end!

Okay, I realise this topic has probably already been done to death, but I could really do with some advice! I have a 12 week old baby girl who refuses to sleep more than 2 hours at a time! MOST nig...

Sunday 07 May 06:24pm

jojodes started new topic Welcome Baby Brooklyn

Hi! I'm new here and wanted to share with you my new arrival! Baby's Name: Brooklyn (brooke) Jessica Paige Date of Birth: 14 Feb 06 (St Valentine's Day!). Birth Weight: 9 pund 4 Ounces (4160 gra...

Sunday 07 May 06:09pm
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