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mum1 started new topic Can anyone tell me of Child Friendly restaurants in Geelong

Hi everyone, A group of us are planning on staying in Geelong and wanted to go out for tea and have a relaxing time with kids. I was wondering if anyone knows of any good Child Friendly restauran...

Friday 30 July 08:54am

mum1 started new topic Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump

Hi everyone, I recently bought a Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump and was wondering if the pump is faulty or if its just how the pump works. When I express and turn the electric pump on I have...

Thursday 15 July 12:54am

mum1 started new topic Boys: To Stand or Sit

Hi, I am just wondering what other mothers have found easier when toilet training their boys. Is it easier for boys to stand when first teaching them to wee in the potty or to sit down. I have ...

Thursday 29 November 03:16pm

mum1 started new topic 2 year old was sleeping well, isn't now. help

My 2 year old has always slept well, we put her into bed, kiss her goodnight, close the door and she sleeps till next morning. However lately it has been real difficult to put her down at night wit...

Monday 30 January 03:13pm

mum1 replied to topic Trouble Expressing Breast Milk

hi zacs mum, congratulations on the birth of your son, aren't they the most precious things. i have a 5 month girl and i had problems expressing as well, i thought it was something i was doing. ...

Wednesday 03 March 11:04am

mum1 replied to topic circumcision

hi mom of 4 boys, my husband and i thought about this too when i was pregnant but we ended up having a little girl. i'm still undecided what to do if our next child is a boy. i used to think i w...

Wednesday 03 March 10:50am

mum1 replied to topic when to expect my first period

thanks everyone for your replies, they help alot. It seems that this topic is yet another thing in the land of motherhood/babies that everyone is different. I'll just have to be patient and wait....

Wednesday 03 March 10:36am

mum1 replied to topic Naming ceremony...What's involved???

Hi Storm, We are having our daughters naming ceremony next month. We decided to have a bbq lunch as well down byside the lake. For the ceremony we have asked all great grandparents and grandparen...

Wednesday 03 March 09:37am

mum1 replied to topic when to expect my first period

thanks for your reply, i am still breastfeeding, (i have just started solids) although a friend of mine is breast feeding and got her period a few months after birth. The worst thing is not know...

Tuesday 02 March 02:10pm

mum1 started new topic when to expect my first period

I have a five month old daughter and i have not had a period since i conceived. i have been told that everyone is different but i was wondering when others first got thier periods back. husband an...

Tuesday 02 March 01:38pm

mum1 replied to topic breastmilk from a bottle trouble

i too am having the same problem, my daughter is five months old. i expressed milk into a bottle but she wouldn't take it. i have tried different things but still nothing has worked. have you had...

Monday 01 March 12:52pm
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