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Shereeh started new topic Dinnertime is a nightmare

My 4.5yr old is driving me insane with dinner time and my 20mth old is starting to copy her. I try to save time by doing a slow cooker or casserole meal several times a week. I realise this mightnt...

Saturday 26 March 01:43am

Shereeh started new topic Baby and Toddler room sharing

I have a 4mth and a 3yr old. Does anyone have advice for when sharing a room is a good idea. My 4mth old still isnt quite sleeping through the night. My worries are that the 3yr might crawl in to t...

Saturday 28 November 12:17pm

Shereeh started new topic Toddler eating nightmares

Mealtimes, mostly dinner are a nightmare. I dread them. My 2yr4mth old is asserting her will and we are at war. One minute shes eating something, the next shes not. We are trying now to all eat tog...

Wednesday 15 April 10:13am

Shereeh started new topic Using Dimatap or similar

My 21mth has recently started childcare and always seems to have a runny nose which turns in to a cough. Is it better to have their nose run, even when green or is using Dimatap ok. At this stage I...

Sunday 31 August 07:39am
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